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The Corridor of Time

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avatar Bernie-Craft
Level 22 : Expert Artist
The Corridor of Time
Journey Through Time Contest Entry
Journey Through Time
The Idea for this project came from various meta/quantum physics material I read over the years that poses the idea that linear time is a construct of human consciousness or localised to our own reality. In non-physical realities our consciousness has no limitations. We can create any reality we prefer, but before we are given this ability we must experience the limitations of time to allow us to become responsible co-creators with other entities.

The storyline of this build begins before we enter our known universe to experience life on Earth. The reality of this realm consists of consciousness alone, therefor time does not exist and neither does physical matter. This project is a visual representation of a ''beforelife". This idea perfectly fits the nature of Minecraft as we are all constructing objects that only exist as data however we see images in minecraft as solid objects.

In the first section of the build we see the ''Mouths of the Void'' which is where our consciousness emerges from and we are now in the corridor which leads to the ''Time Chamber''. This 'Corridor of Time' as I call it is blue and white with chequered floors and the same theme for walls as I wanted a clinical feel to the surroundings. I call the people/entities seen in the build ''Avatars'' as they are just a representation of consciousness of which all the avatars share but their earthly existence will be experienced subjectively. The Avatars are drawn towards the time chamber entrance knowing only their sentience. They are aware of themselves, aware of the others and aware that they share the same consciousness. They know their own potential to be emotional and creative beings but need a physical existence to learn this and to know how to become themselves individually. In this realm no entity is male or female as gender differences and sexual orientation is part of the Earth learning experience only.

When the Avatars go through the entrance to the Time Chamber they are prepared for physical existence which is best described as having memory erased. All avatars begin earthly existence having no recollection of the 'beforelife'. I have illustrated this by giving them a costume change from black to yellow. There is no real symbolism for the colour yellow, it was simply an aesthetic element to differentiate before and after.

The six ''Guardians of Fate'' seen in the Time Chamber guide the ''avatars'' to the Great Hourglass. As the Guardians have already experienced physical reality, they exist as higher beings and are altruistic in nature. As the avatar entities have complete free will and their consciousness is in a primary state, I guess the Guardians are there to make sure things run smooth in case the avatars rebel against their own nature. The robe colour of the Guardians represent the various fates that await the avatars. As all beings have free will they can choose a life of love or hate, therefor the Black, Grey and White robes of the Guardians represent the various personalities (good,bad,other) taken on by the avatars on Earth.

Finally the avatars enter the Great Hourglass and the Sands of Time in which their consciousness travels to the womb of an expecting human mother. I'm not sure if the avatars are leaping towards the hourglass or they are drawn like a tractor beam perhaps. This idea is left to interpretation. I like to think it's a bit of both.
This project was built using 1.12:1 (Screenshots from 1.12:2 Vanilla, all other images rendered with Chunky). I do have various mods but none will be needed to view the map although I would suggest a fly mod just for getting round quicker.
Building mod used was ''World Edit'' so much copy, paste, rotating and flipping going on to get desired results.
I'm still learning various methods of organic building so there were times when there was lots of trial and error going on but mostly got there in the end.
I had to sketch a few things out before building which helped me figure out some of the complex curved sections (a few can be seen below).
The ''g'' command definately came in handy for the creation of strange shapes needed for this build. Big thanks to S4nari at MathCrafting.com who's amazing website allowed me use some shape generation commands to make some constructions much quicker. Also big thanks to Ant OfThy whose amazing instructional youtube videos allow anyone to grasp the more complex ''g'' commands.

I couldn't tell how many hours were taken to build this, however, I know it was lots as I'm not the quickest builder.
I had a lot of fun making it and have learned a few things on the way.

Good Luck everyone and I can't wait to see some more competition builds.
  • The map is a void world so there is only blocks used in the build, no landscapes hidden anywhere.
  • Dimensions: Blocks H256 W457 L1407, the lowest block or the base of the build is 4 blocks high. I left a gap of 3 blocks underneath the build just in case and maxed out of building space for the height of the build.
  • The spawn point is in the mouth at the beggining of the map on the right hand side.
  • There are some light glitches here and there and unfortunately I ended up placing Sea Lanterns in areas that I didn't really have plans to. I'm playing minecraft on a Laptop with integrated graphics so the light glitches can be really troublesome for me. For the purpose of creating screenshots I had to place a block/delete a block to get rid of the black shadows as much as I could. If your P.C. is better than mine then I'm assuming if you see these glitches you could probably get rid of them for good. No matter what I try if I leave the area or save after removing the glitches they always come back. Apologies if you experience them if you download the map.
  • Build Quality: I haven't quite got to grips with shape generation, organics, free hand curves and smoothing so I definately need some more practice. Some of the structures I built for this project aren't exactly what I wanted but the end result was passable I think. The Guardians are actually 3rd generation as the final Guardians you see in the build was my third attempt! The first 2 attempts were hilariously bad! There are some other flaws that I hope won't be noticed however it's all a learning process.

CreditDevelopers of World Edit and Chunky
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : 07/13/2018 2:42:49 pmJul 13th

Have now added all screenshots and rendered pics. Lore/build discription now finished.
I've now made map available on regular download and mirrored.
Original mirrored download was via Media-fire but as there seems to be a few members talking about virus and malware, I've switched to Dropbox.

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  • Dinkleberg64
  • Level 38
  • Artisan Architect
  • August 4, 2018, 8:46 am
What an incredibly unique build, great job
Thank you. I did the best I could but still have a lot to learn.
I like building big structures. Only problem is I run out of space sometimes!
this is very big build. This is so crazy. XD
Thanks Darth kind of you to say. Also I think I have the Droids you're looking for!!
holy cow, thats amazing!
Thanks @billoxiiboy. And thanks for featuring me on your profile. I'm having fun doing the build.
  • billoxiiboy
  • Level 44
  • Master Mlem Mlem Bat
  • June 24, 2018, 7:01 pm
Good Luck! Can't wait to see more... :D

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