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Landmark City - A Minecraft Project by TheBattleRifle

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avatar TheBattleRifle
Level 9 : Apprentice Princess
Welcome to my latest project, Landmark City.

The project started in 2016. It started with a few smaller buildings, nothing too huge, and then eventually I began to build bigger and expand more. On this page I will post more updates over time, including new screenshots and videos of the project's progression.

This project will go at it's own pace. Currently there are 2 people working on the city, myself and my friend Martin (Wheats). What usually happens is that we discuss what's missing or what would be a good idea to include in the city, then we plan it and then eventually add it to the city.

As you can see from the images, a lot of the existing buildings are based on buildings from New York City. This is because I have always been fascinated with the architecture used in buildings in the city, and I will probably be adding more in the future. I am not following a rule as such; the buildings that I am making will not all be from New York City, because I have added custom/ fictional builds, and I plan to add landmarks from other countries as well like England, Japan, France, etc.

DISCORD SERVER!!! - We now have a Discord server dedicated to this project, join to see regular updates and discuss ideas.

Where do you think this project will go?

Currently, I don't have any intended limit to the end of the project, so the percentage probably inaccurate. I'm just going to add to the project over time, adding whatever I feel inspired to build in the process. I eventually wanna get some of my friends working on this project too, so that the city becomes more diverse. I like building tall buildings, while my friends prefer building other stuff, so it would be cool to see and it would progress the project a lot faster.

Things I eventually want to add to this project:

-A local farm, to make it fit more into the Minecraft world
-Apartment blocks

-Taipei 101
-Big Ben
-Eiffel Tower
-The Shard
-Petronas Twin Towers

Problems I had to overcome

Firstly, there were many problems I had to overcome before I could build these massive structures. One of these problems was the height limit of vanilla Minecraft, which is 256 blocks from bedrock, meaning that I could only build towers so high. Ultimately the building's scale had to be changed for buildings that would've exceeded the height limit, and as a result the World Trade Center towers stand at about 45% the height that the actual buildings stood (Had to leave room for the North Tower's antenna). Since the North Tower was the first highrise building I made in this city, I scaled other highrise buildings to the North Tower, for example the Freedom Tower is slightly taller, and the Empire State Building is shorter. This isn't too bad though, because even with this downscale, some of these buildings took a very long time to make.

Another specific problem I faced was the World Trade Center. The actual complex was spread out across land with different ground levels, whereas I made mine all on a flat map, so in some parts of the complex I had to improvise. The overpass just outside of the 7 World Trade Center is a perfect example of this, if you look at this part compared to actual pictures of how it looked.

The major problem with having water in this world is that it was spawned in a super flat customised world, which meant any water/ river/ lake that I wanted to include meant that I had to add it all manually. I didn't want to use mods, so I had to figure out a fast way to do this. Firstly, I had to get rid of large chunks of land, usually using a lot of TNT. This leaves behind exposed bedrock and allowing for 3 blocks of water high. The first method I devised for filling an area was to fill the area's 2nd block up, and then place water sources on top of those blocks, then after that remove all of the 2nd level blocks to leave the water source. While this was effective, it was very time consuming, so I abandoned this method altogether and didn't revisit the problem until quite some time later.

I recently realised that if you have an area and you cover an entire wall of that area with water sources (top to bottom) and the wall perpendicular to it, it will fill that whole region with water all the way from the bottom to the top in a diagonal pattern. I tried it with a 4x4 grid, and then eventually figured it would work on larger areas where water filling was required. Currently the largest area I have ever filled in one go is approximately a 500x1000 block area which took me over 6 hours to go from grassland to completely full of water. This is the fastest method I know of doing this without using mods, and although it still is time consuming, it's way faster than the previously mentioned method, so it will do for now.

What shaders/ mods have you used in your pictures/ videos?

The shader I use is SEUS Renewed 1.0.0 with OptiFine. When I build I use vanilla Minecraft for performence, but for images and videos these mods are great.

Will we get a download link?

I will release a download link for this in the future, when the city is a bit more complete. I need to add some more custom twists to it first.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the interest, here is where you can follow me for updates on this project.


I also have a google drive document that features specific details on some of the buildings that are featured in this city, you can find that here. I update this a lot more often than this page so follow this document if you want more regular updates on the project.
Progress20% complete

4 Update Logs

Progress update 4 - 15th May 2019 : 05/15/2019 1:22:24 amMay 15th

Hey guys I'm back!

We're still working more than ever on this project, and we have also upgraded the world to Minecraft 1.14 since the last update. On top of that, a lot more stuff has been added generally, and some more work has been going on behind the scenes.

I'd like to once again plug the Google Drive Document which gets regularly updated with new landmarks, projects, etc with pictures and details of their progression, and dates in which construction started and completed. On top of that, I am also now uploading 3D models of Landmark City to Sketchfab using Mineways. You can check out 3D renders of different buildings of Landmark City here

Here is a progress update video!

So, what's new?

For those of you that don't wanna watch the video, here is a brief overview of what's been done since the last update on Planet Minecraft:

-Construction completed on Willis Tower
-Construction completed on Great Pyramid of Giza
-Construction completed on Golden Gate Bridge
-Constructed 53 West 53 Street/ MoMA Tower
-Construction started on Landmark City International Airport
-Construction completed on Landmark City Transit system (West Line)
-Construction started on MetLife Building
-Constructed 30 Rockefeller Plaza
-Constructed Landmark City Arena
-Construction completed on Toadstool Tower
-Construction topped out on Brinstar Heights
-Constructed Landmark City Grand Central Terminal
-Renovated Empire State Building's exterior lighting
-Renovated Empire Cinemas' entrance/ exterior
-Constructed Landmark City Mall
-Upgraded Landmark City Bank (Functioning ATM and deposit systems)
-Construction started on Wheats Tower

List of tallest buildings in Landmark City, ranked

Here is a detailed list of all the tallest buildings in the city to date, ranked based on their "recognised" heights, excluding antennas. The height is measured in how many blocks between the ground and the top of the tower.

1. Willis Tower (227) - Current tallest building since 4th March 2019
2. Freedom Tower (220) - Tallest building between 8th February 2018 and 4th March 2019, surpassed by Willis Tower.
3. 432 Park Avenue (219) - Upon completion was 2nd tallest building in the city by a mere 1 block difference from Freedom Tower
4. 1 World Trade Center (210) + 2 World Trade Center (210) - Tallest buildings between 31st December 2017 and 8th February 2018, surpassed by Freedom Tower
6. Empire State Building (179)
7. 53 West 53 Street/ MoMA Tower (166)
8. Toadstool Tower (156)
9. Chrysler Building (142)
10. 30 Rockefeller Plaza (129)
11. Citigroup Center (122)
12. Golden Gate Bridge Towers (118)
13. DKM Tower (105)
14. 7 World Trade Center (97)
15. The Millennium Hilton (88)
16. Grand Central Station Clock Tower (85)
17. Deutsche Bank Building (83)
18. Great Pyramid of Giza (81) + Corporate Life Building (81)
20. Wheats Tower (75)
21. Tangerine Tower (72)
22. David John Murray Building/ Brunel Tower (70)
23. DJM Hotel (58) - Tallest building since it's construction in early 2016 until 31st December 2017, surpassed by 1 World Trade Center
24. 3 World Trade Center/ Marriott Hotel (52)

We will keep posting update logs in the future, for more frequent updates make sure to check on the Google Drive document. Feel free to message me on here or on Twitter @TheBattleRifle if you have any questions/ suggestions about this project! :)

Until next time!

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