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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga -- Episode 1, Chapter 3 -- Escape From Naboo

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west0809's Avatar west0809
Level 27 : Expert Lego Builder
"Escape From Naboo" is the third level of episode one in my ongoing project where I am rebuilding Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. My childhood of playing Lego Star Wars and my love for Star Wars is what made me decide to recreate it in Minecraft. Minecraft Lego Star Wars is a Minecraft themed Star Wars game that simulates Episode 1-6 and will eventually include extra episodes containing content from the TV Show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and other Star Wars content.

Each Episode has 6 chapters and each chapter will include intricate quests, puzzles, challenges, 10 'MiniKits' (collectibles that are given once completing a puzzle), plenty of studs(the currency in this game) and more. Once you collect all 10, you will be given a reward that you can show off in the "Locker room." This is where you can show off to other players how far you are into the game, which includes a percentage of how much you have completed, your arsenal of characters and weapons, and your earned rewards. The game will also have other side quests where you can collect Characters, Studs, Vehicles, and more. Each level also has a red brick, which gives you certain powers or fun mechanics in the game.

Each level you will be given specific items for the character that is given to you. You will be given characters throughout the playthrough of the entire game. Each character has certain items and armor that they have.

There are 5 different types of studs:
Netherite: 10,000 studs
Diamond: 1,000 studs
Gold: 100 studs
Iron: 10 studs

Not everything in this version is the same as in the original game. Not only to make the game harder, but also because some things don't transition into Minecraft well.

The main objective though, is to have fun.

(Updated on 9/12/22)
Currently I have completed:
-Mos Eisley Cantina
-85% Episode 1, Chapter 1
-85% Episode 1, Chapter 2
-85% Episode 1, Chapter 3
-60% Episode 1, Chapter 5
None of the episodes are playable because I still haven't gotten the command block stuff completed, but the puzzles are completed for all three. If you want to check out the puzzles, please ask offostrich23 (nicknamed: west) or join our discord and message Jwest605. If you just want to check out the levels, join our server and get a staff member to teleport you to 4964 66 -7156. If you need any help getting around, ask staff.

HELP WANTED! If you want to help me, contact me.

How do I visit?
Head over to the Builder's Forge server!
Politely ask Staff if they would teleport you to 4964 66 -7516, all levels are near!

1.19 IP: mc.buildersforge.com
Website: buildersforge.com

AAT by Shade
Screenshots by Josh

Progress85% complete

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06/16/2022 9:05 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Waffle
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06/15/2022 5:11 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Artist
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actually insane
RPW Team
06/15/2022 1:26 pm
Level 48 : Master Artist
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06/14/2022 1:36 pm
Level 28 : Expert Architect
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Reminds me of my childhood! Can't wait for this project to be completed - great work mate.
06/14/2022 1:33 pm
Level 45 : Master Architect
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This is fire
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