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London Charing Cross Station (1:1 London Project)

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How to find on server: /warp CharingCrossStation

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J_A_Y__'s Avatar J_A_Y__
Level 40 : Master Architect
I have a large gallery which is a step-by-step walkthrough of how I made Charing Cross: imgur.com/gallery/wppHmir

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Jay. Follow me on Twitter @jaydoescomics and PMC @J_A_Y__. I'm building as part of the London Project, aspiring to build London 1:1 in Minecraft, as accurate as possible. Charing Cross is my 4th London terminal, following Euston (Jan-Feb 2020), St Pancras (Mar-Apr 2020), and then Waterloo (June 20th - Aug 5th 2020). I regret not taking more progress screenshots for Waterloo, so I have decided to log my process for Charing Cross, a process which I have refined and 'perfected' after a year of building on the London Project. You can come check it out yourself:
https://discord.com/invite/ybRb7Q .

It should also be noted that a large part of the building's old facade was built a few months ago by a great builder known as Zoomy69.
So after an hour of studying the building on Google Earth, I begin by marking out the front arch in wool. My reasons for using wool will become clear later, as you will see the complexity of this structure. I both trusted the generated satellite data and measurements from Google Earth.

Charing Cross railway station (also known as London Charing Cross)[​4][​5] is a central London railway terminus between the Strand and Hungerford Bridge in the City of Westminster. It is the terminus of the South Eastern main line to Dover via Ashford. All trains are operated by Southeastern, which provides the majority of commuter and regional services to south-east London and Kent. It is connected to Charing Cross Underground station and is near to Embankment Underground station and Embankment Pier.

The station was originally opened by the South Eastern Railway in 1864. It takes its name from its proximity to the road junction Charing Cross, the notional "centre of London" from which distances from the city are measured. During the 19th century the station became the main London terminus for continental traffic via boat trains, and served several prestigious international services. It was badly damaged by an engineering accident in 1905 and extensively rebuilt, subsequently becoming an important meeting point for military and government traffic during World War I. By this time, Charing Cross station was seen as out of date by some politicians and proposals were made to replace Hungerford Bridge with a road bridge or road/rail combination, with the station moving to the south bank of the River Thames in the case of a road-only replacement. The station was bombed several times during World War II, and was rebuilt afterwards, re-opening in 1951. In the late 1980s, the station complex was redesigned by Terry Farrell and rebuilt to accommodate a modern office block, now known as Embankment Place.
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Block Mason Creative
09/13/2020 8:29 pm
Level 44 : Master Network
Block Mason Creative's Avatar
Looks awesome JAY!
09/14/2020 10:51 am
Level 40 : Master Architect
J_A_Y__'s Avatar
Ayy thanks!
09/13/2020 4:59 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Soldier
STEALTHy's Avatar
That's one spicey build you made there, fantastic work. How many hours total ya think it take you to build?
09/13/2020 10:18 am
Level 40 : Master Architect
J_A_Y__'s Avatar
Very spicy indeed. Idk, probably like 50 hours. The process is in the imgur gallery, it took exactly a month.
09/13/2020 3:44 am
Level 47 : Master Artist
Owlhouse's Avatar
awesome ....
09/13/2020 10:18 am
Level 40 : Master Architect
J_A_Y__'s Avatar
thank you v much
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