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Meet Johnny James Fickle, the cowboy from Southeast Texas.
Johnny was born on July 13th, 1845 in an old shack in Southern Utah.
His father was a shoe-shiner and his mother was a fish-seller.
In 1872, Johnny walked into a bar to get a beer. A man known as Fast-Draw Gus went up to
him and punched
Johnny right in the mouth, knocking out one of his favorite teeth.
Johnny then went out (after knocking down Fast-Draw Gus) and bought a beautiful gold tooth.
In 1875, Johnny lost his precious gold tooth in a gamble with Fast-Draw Gus, his mortal enemy.
In 1877, Johnny walked into a bar on a hot Texas day and saw Fast-Draw Gus there, ordering a beer.
Johnny said, "HAW!' and whipped out his shiny six-gun and went BANG! BANG BANG! POW! POW! POW!
And Johnny's draw was too fast for even the Great Fast-Draw Gus of the Texas Plains, and his
death was quick.
After that, everyone knew Johnny was the fastest draw in Texas.
So his name went down in history as Quick-Shot Johnny.

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