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M.E.L.O. — Multi-Troop Transport

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avatar TheVoyde
Level 29 : Expert Architect
The Research and Enforcement Divisions of the government secret agency M.E.L.O. often collaborate to create very advanced and sophisticated technology and weapons. Some of these creations are the aerial vehicles that the Organization uses to travel across the globe. The specified vehicle of this file is the Multi-Troop Transport "MTT". This is primary vehicle of transportation used the agency. Commonly referred to by the agents as "The Dropship", the MTT has large fuel tank capable of taking it 7,00 miles or 11,250 km, and can transport up to 10 people at a time comfortably. This vehicle has two primary VTOL turbines for lift and thrust, in addition to two rear facing engines. These transports are equipped for combating both enemy ground and aerial forces, while keeping everyone on board safe.

This file is to be delivered to Director REDACTED of the Enforcement Division.

The MTT is a schematic facing the Positive Z coordinate. Most Vehicles have 3 states: landed, landed variant, and flight. Landed is the vehicle in the landed state with the door or ramp open, while landed variant has the door or ramp closed. The easiest way to paste in schematics in 1.14+ is by use of World Edit.

File Directories:
Landed - melo_pt/landed.schematic
Landed Variant - melo_mttt/landed_variant.schematic
Flight - melo_pt/flight.schematic
Progress100% complete

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