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TheElderBlocks avatar TheElderBlocks
Level 25 : Expert Architect
▓ METAL WEAPON ▓ UNLOADED 金属兵器 Minecraft Map

  METAL WEAPON returns in this feature-packed, fast-paced RogueLite. This is a parody, or satirical reimagination of the original Metal Weapon Steel Gun by Understone.

  ┼ More Enemies
   ┼More Bosses
  ┼More Jokes ...don't believe me? See the video above!

▓ METAL WEAPON ▓ UNLOADED 金属兵器 Minecraft Map

  • Satirical Writing
  • ~Rustic Sand-Based Gameplay~
    • Limited Voice Acting (Robotic Only)
    • Hack n' Shoot your way through strategically placed robots, dead memes, & hipsters!
    • 2 Custom Touhou-Styled Boss Fights and 30+ Scripted Enemies
    • Enemies Respawn When You Die
    • Custom Soundtrack
    • Play Solo (preferred) or With Friends: features a spectator mechanic where players are given one life, and everyone is revived after reaching a checkpoint.
    • NO Resource Packs - NO Skins Required - Everything loads automagickally.
    • Fair Warning: This map was not given the Visual Novel tag by mistake...

    ▓ METAL WEAPON ▓ UNLOADED 金属兵器 Minecraft Map

    ▓ ~ 2 Mods Are Needed ~

    FAQ - Fixing Issues
    Multiplayer support?
    Multiplayer will work, but some sounds / cutscenes will not play.

    Skins / Sounds aren't working!
    Install the content pack as written below:

    Failed to install the content pack?
    This map uses an ACI (Auto-Content Installer). If it fails for whatever reason, you can find the content pack in .minecraft/saves/METAL WEAPON UL/customnpcs/CONTENT - and copy the customnpcs folder you found inside of CONTENT to your .minecraft folder (and restart Minecraft).

    Skins work for me, but not for my friend!
    They need to open the map once on single player once to install the content pack.

    Sounds work for me, but not for my friend!
    Only supported for the host of the game/server, sorry.

    Music is randomly overlapping / playing twice?
    Quit & rejoin.

    Map too difficult?
    When you die, your sand status increases, which raises damage taken. Using APPETITE-UP or other drinks will disable this penalty.
    Racoon-Skin or AMOGUS armor will also help.

    Does this map connect to the internet?
    The small version (8.61MB) downloads the Soundtrack when you first login, YOU NEED INTERNET AT LEAST ONCE TO PLAY THE MAP!

    Map by Rimscar

    Original Map by Livinshadow - reposted with permission. Download Original HERE

    --- Locational Music (in order of appearance) - *Spoilers* ---

    Steam Adventure
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Bandcamp

    Forest (Beach)
    Steampunk Lady
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Bandcamp

    Butcher's Paradise
    Weird Al - Eat it

    Propaganda City
    Lampar, the Steampunk Planet
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter- Bandcamp

    Tent after Prop City
    Illusions & Smoke
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter- Bandcamp

    Abandoned ARC Facility
    MUS_A_ELEV_4 - from Hyper Light Drifter
    Hyper Light Drifter on Steam (steampowered.com)

    Pirate Area
    Battle in The Sky
    Derek & Brandon Fiechter - Bandcamp

    Steam Zone (pt1)
    Steam World

    Steam Zone (pt2)
    Steam City
    Derek Fiechter- Bandcamp

    The Sky Valve
    Steampunk Opera Overture
    Paul Shapera - Bandcamp

    Normal Boss Theme [​1]
    The Room where it Happens - From Hamilton (Musical)

    Normal Ending [​1]
    Buttom (from ReLife)
    Penguin Research ( Arranger, Composer, Lyricist: Shota Horie )

    METAL WEAPON 2 - Iron Sights [Bunker]
    MUS_BR_5 - from Hyper Light Drifter
    Hyper Light Drifter on Steam (steampowered.com)

    Final Boss Room
    MUS_GAUNTLET_05 - from Hyper Light Drifter
    Hyper Light Drifter on Steam (steampowered.com)

    Final Boss Theme
    Again Ft. Gumi English

    Various Music
    Intro Cutscene - Funk Funk (1977) - Cameo
    Intro Cutscene - Word Up (1986) - Cameo
    NPC Music - Candy (1986) - Cameo
    NPC Music - eigg_boss - Generated by AI
    NPC Music - Tires on Fire - Coda
    NPC Music - Rapid Waves - Livinshadow
    NPC Music - Ghost - Camillia - Bandcamp

    --- SFX ---

    Lab1/Other Ambient - from Hyper Light Drifter - (Hyper Light Drifter on Steam (steampowered.com)

    Caba - Ammo Machine in Bioshock

    Aliens - Funk Funk by Cameo

    Arbo SFX - by Arbo's Autoservice

    Touhou SFX - by ZUN, from Touhou 6 (Embodiment of Scarlet Devil)

    Hamilton - from Hamilton Original Musical

    Genji SFX - Overwatch by Blizzard

    Amogus SFX - from Among Us

    Basement Announcement - from You Only Live Twice

    Original Bot SFX - by Livinshadow

    Other Mechanical Sounds/Voices - remixed by Rimscar
    Progress100% complete

    1 Update Logs

    Reupload Without Soundtrack : by TheElderBlocks 02/07/2023 7:33:08 pmFeb 7th

    Now hosted on Planet MC instead of MediaFire.
    No longer contains ogg sound effects when downloaded.
    File Size (500+MB) -> 8MB

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    02/07/2023 6:21 pmhistory
    Level 25 : Expert Architect
    TheElderBlocks avatar
    Download taken down due to DMCA (the 70s funk music), preparing copyright free version...

    Map is back up - Now hosted on Planet MC instead of MediaFire!
    02/06/2023 3:49 pm
    Level 12 : Journeyman Network
    SwA_ avatar
    Great work.
    02/03/2023 4:25 pm
    Level 30 : Artisan uwu
    Waradu avatar
    ok i will play this tomorrow…
    but wtf?
    02/03/2023 11:36 pmhistory
    Level 25 : Expert Architect
    TheElderBlocks avatar
    We were here before you felt the funk, and we will be here after the funky feelings gone.
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