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Middle Eastern Town: Varaqqez [Schematic Available!]

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Middle Eastern Town: Varaqqez

Varaqqez is a small, but lively town trading town located in the harsh, arid weather of the desert where the heat has become comforting to those who live here. Home to many people who have never been outside the borders, the town is visibly packed with merchants and residents simply living day to day. The towns main source of income is their crops, which also grows their own food, but also has a small commerce center where artisans can sell clothes, armor, tools, weapons, and food. The streets of Varaqqez may be narrow, but the town is home in the eyes of the citizens.

profittable farms growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
market center where merchants flock to sell their goods
tightly packed homes sporting mediterranean-influenced middle eastern architecture
colorful blankets to to dissipate and block out the sun
clothing strung up between homes to let dry after a wash
seating areas where residents can enjoy wine and food after a day of work
weathered docks where ships can load and unload cargo
CreditConquest Resourcepack, SEUS Shaders
Progress100% complete

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