Mighty Mage's #WeAreConquest

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avatar Sekeleton
Level 32 : Artisan Button Pusher
A new build! Also i'm not dead :D! Welp atleast got up with something. On passed weeks i was stuck on my drawing board and really bored with vanilla and survival friendly things.
So this thing's fully creative! Heck it's even impossible build it on survival without meta cyclers... Imma monster! *sobs* Ok i admit it! I was too ashamed to post 1.7 stuff after try'n to make cool 1.8 builds with Conquest_!
Idk what just happend, struck like fall'n in love and i'm at ravand somehow :ı Eh still no clue how all of "getting schematics of what i build" consept because i'm an lazy s** can't read the info.
Eh because of that sadly i can't provide you anything to download
But you can go to ravand.org and check it out by typing /p v Sekeleton 2 , i'm still so sorry for giv'n y'all this much trouble ;_;
'nuff being emotional let's get it started!

This' the Mighty Mage's Tower! Much wise, many ol', wow! He's thinkering on stuff daily. One day he just went to his dock to check something littlequick. Yup, just feeding your baby Kraken...
Science! -cough- i mean witch craft! Sad 'nuff this bird lover slipped trough the moist tunnel while having his fav sip'O'wine. Never drink&walk kids! His house's still looks exactly how he left after months
The door's open and wind making his papers fly! Poor man, he loves keeping his ntes organised! D:
People say his Kraken still waiting his master return and feed him, untill... he dines with what he founds...

-A Dock
-A lovely entrance
-Some well kept bedroom
-Few balcones to cast spells to the sea or feed few brids
-2spooky4me underwater
-Some fine roof
-Get this, It's 100% done and interior ready!

That's all i got for now, i just don't recommed the resource pack called Conquest_ and some Optifine but sorta forcing you to use 'em for the total experiance :ı
Progress100% complete

02/19/2016 6:02 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Senpai
Impressive work!  I love the interior.
02/20/2016 4:18 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Button Pusher
Thank you, still learning to add more stuff :D
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