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Minecraft: Super Mario Edition - Hide & Seek V1.1

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Mario - Hide & Seek
Tailored to:
Unspeakable Gaming

About Us: iCode Development is a group of players that love to dedicate their time to helping the Minecraft Community in many different ways! Most of our members staff on minecraft servers and others have helped create maps for the community in the past! We are in the need of members and would love if you joined our Discord! []

About the Map:This map is dedicated and tailored to Unspeakable Gaming, MooseCraft, and 09SharkBoy as they influence many of us! It is a all new Hide and Seek Map with Custom Morph Outfits, Custom Items, and more... The map is fully Mario themed which includes Mario Outfits and Mario Items fully custom and made by our Modelers here at iCode Development! The Resource Pack is separate from this map and has to be downloaded and installed separately.

Patch Notes: Less Character NPCs, Fixed Morphing System, Fixed Multiplayer Capabilities, Added New Lobby, Added Map Introduction, removed custom items, and 1.14.4 Support.

Download the Map:
Download the Resource Pack:

Minecraft Java Edition - Vanilla 1.14.4
Progress100% complete

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09/29/2019 6:42 pm
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Release OKE
09/29/2019 5:55 pm
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What is the guy for seeker
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