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MineRPG An Untold Story - Chapter 1: Nightfall

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MineRPG-An Untold Story:
Chapter 1:


Hey fellow Minecraftians, first of I want to say that I worked completely alone on this build so I'm sorry that this is not an amazing superbuild like you usually see. Anyways, maybe this build wakes your interest and if it does Diamond/Favour/Comment it!!! Thanks in advance for any advice or positive feedback. Comments like "Great build/Great work" are good aswell as they give me motivation to continue building!!! As you might question yourself right now if this is going to be downloadable... well it wont. But you will be able to play it on my server in the near future with more than just the buildings (watch the feature list for more information). I will also add content after the release (For example Orcs, Elves etc.).


East Aleria: East Aleria is what remains of the once so mighty human kingdom. After the scourge spread in the west, the humans built a defensive wall to protect the least of their kind. Even while the wall holds off the undead, the humans have problems with the refugees of West Aleria, as they can't provide enough food, houses and soldiers for them, resulting in a rise of crimes and poverty.

West Aleria: West Aleria was once as fertile as East Aleria, but when the scourge spread the land became tainted and as deadly as it's inhabtitants, the Undead. Every day new undead rise from the graveyards, battlegrounds and crypts and every day the fear in the east gets bigger as the army of the undead grows stronger and stronger.

Ogre Highlands: The Ogre Highlands are located on a plateau to the west and are inhabitated by the Ogres. Seperated into five clans they only unite when war is waging against another race. Ogres are not the most intelligent race, but they are unmatched in hight and strength. And as strength and honor are the virtues of every Ogre, the bloodpit is visited almost dayly to solve problems between rivaling Ogres.

Tundra of Kahana: The untamed Tundra to the north of Nightfall is the homeland of the Jagar, a race of hunters and fishermen. While the Jagar try to not take part in the war that rages all over Nightfall the harsh temperatures and low natural ressources of the Kahana Tundra force them to get their ressources elsewere, even if this means war. Nothing will stop a Jagarian from defending his people.

Khurast Swamp (PvP-Zone): While everywhere on Nightfall PvP is allowed, the Khurast Swamp PvP-Zone offers you five points you can conquer to gain honor and buy yourself some neat PvP-gear. The conquering is faction based and offers your whole race Honor if you are able to siege and conquer a point of the enemy faction, giving most honor for the point in the middle of the map. The five points are:

+ Ogre Gold Mine
+ Jagar Lumber Camp
+ Human Farm
+ Undead Magetower
+ Ancient Ruins

Nightfallfaire (Fun-Zone): The Nightfallfaire is located on the Islands to the Southeast. It is inhabitated by Humans, Ogres, Jagar and Undead living together in peace, who built the faire and offer various Mini-Games to the heroes of Nightfall, such as:

+Jump n' run Chick'n
+Ship Bombardement
+Chick'n fish'
+Gismo the giant chicken (Boss)
+Darkmoon (Band)
+Chicken Arena

Dungeons: The dungeons of Nightfall are four in total, which can be found in the four race areas. They are designed for groups of 4 Players. Each Dungeon features 3 unique bosses, being 18 bosses in total (if you dare to try all Dungeons) The six dungeons are:

+ The Ankatraz
+ The Black Crusade
+ The Earthbound Caverns
+ The Howling Caves
+ The Prison Isle
+ Molten Depths

[W.I.P] Classes:

[Jagar] General
Pro: 10% Bonus Movementspeed.
Con: Stone tier weapons

[Jagarian] Warrior:
Jagarian Warriors are highly trained durable and swift fighters. They prefer eye to eye combat, but with a tactical spice.
[Jagarian] Hunter:
Jagarian Hunters are known as the most accurate archers in the whole of Nightfall. They are swift and agile fighters, who prefer to hunt down their pray while keeping a safe distance
[Jagarian] Shaman:
Jagarian Shamans use the power of the spirits by using ancient rituals and the power of the ancestors themselves. They mainly support their fighting allies, but are not as defenseless as they seem to be.
[Jagarian] Beastmaster:
Jagarian Beastmasters train their whole life to be able to tame and command a Tundra wolf in combat. They prefer dual wielding sharp and blunt weapons to break their enemies guard and let their wolf do the rest.


To do:

+Human Buildings

+Undead Buildings
+Jagar Buildings
+Ogre Buildings
+Special Places/Details


-> Setting up a Server
-> Opening the Server to the world

If many people respond and I see a positive feedback I will share more Ideas with you hoping that I allready get a server community up and running. Thanks in advance for any help/advice/positive-negative feedback.

Credit: (I wont give credit to inspiration taken from builds/movies/games because it would be to much)
Building: Desotar
Texturing: Desotar (Armors and skins not the blocks etc.)
Landscaping: Desotar
Modding: Torquebolt (huge thanks by the way!!! :))

Trees are used of the Custom Tree pack made by Lentebriesje check his tree repository out if you want to start terraforming yourself!

Tools used: WorldEdit, WorldPainter & Manpower! ;D

Colour Code: Green:Finished,Purple:InProgress,Red:Planned
Progress75% complete

49 Update Logs

Update #49 : by Desotar 12/10/2015 6:03:01 amDec 10th, 2015

Months have passed since the last update, but now there is something HUGE I can tell you


All Human NPC's (Soldiers,Priests,Merchants,Blacksmiths,Vendors,Citizens,Paladins,Priests,Bandits etc...)
- Those are roughly 120 NPC's which give Quests, sell Items, speak to you or do atmospheric stuff
- These NPC's have a total of around 50 skins all done by myself (only including human skins)

As I do not have time today I will upload pictures which showcase the NPC's in the following days. Until then fellow Minecraftians!

Please note though, that these NPC's are just aesthetical at the moment and I will need more time to implement Quests and setting up the vendors. But it is a huge step into the right direction (and around 80% of the NPC work)

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02/03/2018 9:01 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Artist
PitoPoderoso's Avatar
Looks really nice. Hope you'll finish soon.
09/17/2017 5:00 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
bilboswaggins62's Avatar
ive never seen such a better naxxramas and no amount of convincing will ever get me to believe its not. this causes me great physical pain not to ACTUALLY get to see/play this.
06/05/2015 12:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Torquebolt's Avatar
It looks amazing so far.
05/20/2015 8:40 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Paladin
CommanderNeville's Avatar
Wow, how did you have that many armor sets?
05/21/2015 10:08 am
Level 21 : Expert Artist
Desotar's Avatar
A dear collegue of mine made a mod special for the server. The armor textures were done by me though :) In total it will be 54 Armor on release (maybe more but not less)
04/24/2015 10:08 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
OakKodama's Avatar
These builds are great, good job
04/21/2015 12:12 am
Level 39 : Artisan Architect
austin1234575's Avatar
Nice work dude!
04/21/2015 4:16 am
Level 21 : Expert Artist
Desotar's Avatar
Thanks working hard for it ;)
04/15/2015 3:57 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Necromancer
Ervinache235's Avatar
Nice man! I love it so far! Keep working! Subbed and diamonded!
04/15/2015 8:19 pm
Level 21 : Expert Artist
Desotar's Avatar
Thank you! :)
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