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[Minigame] Rod Run (Realms / Download)

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Theticman's Avatar Theticman
Level 47 : Master Engineer

Introduction: Rod run is a new minigame created for Minecraft 1.12. It's a very simple game, at the start of the game you'll receive a rod. After that, you will have to kill your opponent by throwing the hook in theirs faces.

Mode: You can select two differents mode:
- Free for all, and you have to survive by yourself and killing all of the others players.
- Team, in this mode you're in a team (blue, white or red) that's mean that you can't kill your teammate, but be careful because your lives are shared for all the team (if you lost one all your team will lose one)!

Powerup: In every map, there is a Powerup generator and this one is generating a totem. If you pick this totem you or your team (if you're in team mode) will gain one life.

Options: You can change a lot of options in the lobby of Rod Run:
- The map: You can change manually the map or select random selection and a map will be selected randomly at the start of the game.
- Powerup: You can change the delay of the spawn of a powerup (15sec/30sec/1min or 2 min) or turn it to off.
- Live: You can select how many live a player or a team will have at the start.
- DeathMatch: You can select the time you have to fight before the Deathmatch starts. You can also turn it off.
- Time: You can select the time, day or night.
- Player Name: You can select to display or not the player's name.
- Glowing effect: if you turn this option on, the player trying to hide will get an effect of glowing. If it's off they can hide without getting an effect.
- Auto-Kill: If this option is on, the hook of your rod will kill you if you walk on it.

This map was initially published to Minecraft Realms you can found it in the Minigame section of your realms panel in your Minecraft client.

Created by Theticman, ChildOfStars, ChildOfMoon
CreditChildOfStars, Theticman, ChildOfMoon
Progress100% complete

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