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Monster Truck

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I know there are many monster trucks from minecraft out there but this is my take on a monster truck.
I admit it looks quite similar to all the other ones that already exist but they always had something missing or that didn't look right.
So I tried to build a good looking, the eye pleasing and realistic monster truck.
Monster trucks evolved by equipping normal pick up trucks with oversize tires. So the upper part (the car part) should most likely look like a standard pickup truck.
To fit the big tires under the car there is a lot of linkage necessary.
But the thing that was really important to me is that a monster truck is just a normal car with big tires.
And between the tires and the car is significant space for the suspension to work. That was not the case for many monster trucks I have seen in minecraft. Most of them somehow have the car connected to the tires directly without suspension. How is that supposed to work?
Okay now you've heard the issues I have with other minecraft monster trucks. I won't bother you any further.
If you'd like to see a monster truck combined with a shark take a look at my Megalodon Monster Truck.

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07/28/2018 5:08 pm
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07/28/2018 5:13 pm
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Thank you ^^
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