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City of New Blockston - 1.9

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newblockston's Avatar newblockston
Level 34 : Artisan Architect
Welcome to the City of New Blockston, a Canadian city with New England influences, started in June 2021! Located on the shore of Lake Naicouche and along the banks of the Mons River, New Blockston is a blossoming city in its prime. Explore the Harbourfront District and Old Town near the lake, or head west towards the Mons to explore the dense Financial District and the historic Centre City! On your way, grab some knowledge at the University of New Blockston Newport Campus, or get some shopping in at the Newport Centre. In the Financial District, check out the FirstBank Plaza, New Blockston Imperial Bank Tower, or the many other furnished skyscrapers for you to explore! Catch a game and cheer on your favourite teams at the FirstBank Arena or Lumberjacks Stadium. If you choose to stay by the lakefront, swim with the fishes at the city aquarium, have a fun day at the Hampshire Fairgrounds, or bask in the glory of St. Joseph's Cathedral. Go shopping at the Church St. Marketplace, or at the historic Old Town Market; enjoy your stay at the grand Royal York Hotel, the scenic Harbour Castle, or the luxurious Diplomat hotel! No matter what you decide to do, get around on the New Blockston Transit Authority's System of Subways, LRTs, and Streetcars, and take the commuter rail from Union Station. If you're in a hurry, you can also look for teleportation stores that will teleport you into the central teleportation hub at the corner of Lexington and 6th. From there, you'll be able to teleport to any other teleportation store!

The project's main goal is to create a city that mimics real-world cities' architecture and functionality while providing a functional aspect for Minecraft, as it is, after all, a city built in Minecraft. Note: the city was (mostly) built on a scale of 1 block = 1 metre.

New Blockston is principally inspired by the following real-world cities:
Influential cities
Major influences: Toronto, ON; Boston, MA; New York City, NY
Minor influences: Montréal, QC; Vancouver, BC; Portland, ME; Burlington, VT; Concord, NH; Providence, RI; Detroit, MI; Québec, QC; Victoria, BC; London, UK; Stratford, ON; Pittsburgh, PA

Many buildings and aspects (e.g. layout) of these places, as well as various tutorials, have played a large role in inspiring the construction of New Blockston.

This map is made for Minecraft 1.21, but can be played on later versions. If you are not on 1.21 or later, this map will not be fully functional (e.g. blocks might go missing)!

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If you'd like to use this world somewhere where it will be seen publicly (video, post, blog, server, etc) please credit us with a link to this page. No need to ask for permission!

Thank you for checking our world out, and have fun! If you like the map, consider leaving a diamond!

NOTE: The progress bar is not completely accurate

Previous Updates
Playable on 1.17.1 or later:
Update 1.1.1
Update 1.2
Update 1.4

Playable on 1.19 or later:
Update 1.5.2
Update 1.5.3
Update 1.6

Playable on 1.20 or later:
Update 1.7
Update 1.8

Additional Resources & Maps
Subway Maps - Complete system maps of Subways and LRTs in New Blockston
Subway Map - 7/11/22
Subway Map - 8/29/22
NB 1.6 Subway Map 
NB 1.6 Streetcar Map
1.7 Full System Map (MOST RECENT)

General Maps - Maps of New Blockston showcasing major roads and neighbourhoods
New Blockston General Map - 8/29/22
NB 1.6 General Map
1.9 General Map (MOST RECENT) - has road names, transit routes, and points of interest

Commuter Train Maps
Commuter Train Map 1/29/23

Blank Maps
1.9 Blank Map - unedited and blank copy of the entire map

    CreditMineways - city map, partially inspired by Mattupolis by mattuFIN, Chunky for renders, WorldPainter for general world editing
    Progress20% complete

    16 Update Logs

    Update 1.9 : by newblockston 07/14/2024 1:04:29 amJul 14th

    Change log since update 1.8
    • Line 3 extended to Golden Avenue
    • Renovated Hospital Station
    • Expanded Union Station's main passenger concourse
    • Small subway and streetcar station renovations
    • Bywater town hall
    • Complete rebuild of New Blockston General Hospital
    • New university residence/class hall
    • University student union building
    • New mall in Bywater
    • Bywater - completed other side of the canal, detailed streets, started work on a new park
    • Campus - replaced some old buildings with new halls, created a campus field, built a student union building
    • Tunnelled Highway 100 in Old Town New Blockston, opening up new space on the ground for development
    • Minor renovations to various buildings

    Thank you for downloading!

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    02/20/2024 3:14 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    kijetesantakalu's Avatar
    is there a general map for v1.8?
    03/04/2024 1:29 am
    Level 34 : Artisan Architect
    newblockston's Avatar
    Right now the most recent general map is for v1.6, but a new updated map will be released soon! The only differences between v1.6 and 1.8 would be a new area to the north of the park, and a new area to the west of the financial district.
    03/30/2024 5:49 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    kijetesantakalu's Avatar
    Thank you! Do you also have an unedited version of the map from above?
    05/13/2024 11:56 am
    Level 34 : Artisan Architect
    newblockston's Avatar
    To make a map of the world, we usually use Mineways to render it, so you could use that. If you want, we can also release an unedited pdf of the map also.
    05/14/2024 1:45 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    kijetesantakalu's Avatar
    02/03/2023 8:58 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    caesann1c's Avatar
    hey, this is a great project and very detailed. good work !
    by chance, do you remember the seed that you used ? i'm trying to build something similar on my own world and i'm not having luck finding a seed for city-building. also the seed that the world's giving me via /seed isn't seeming to work on any version but if you can't find/remember it, that's fine.
    keep up the good work !
    02/03/2023 3:46 pm
    Level 34 : Artisan Architect
    newblockston's Avatar
    Hi! The seed that the world gives you should be correct, but we've heavily modified it with apps such as World Painter to make it more suitable for building, which might be why it doesn't match. Good luck with your city and let us know if you have other questions!
    07/27/2022 10:41 am
    Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
    Sanlyn's Avatar
    This city is huge and highly detailed, very well done !

    I featured your creation on my video, I gave you credits both in the video and in the description (with a Link to your PlanetMinecraft page) :
    07/29/2022 10:52 pm
    Level 34 : Artisan Architect
    newblockston's Avatar
    Merci beaucoup ! Nous apprécions vos commentaires sur la ville, incluant ce que vous avez dit dans le vidéo !
    07/30/2022 8:00 am
    Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
    Sanlyn's Avatar
    De rien ^-^