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FunkyToc's Avatar FunkyToc
Level 74 : Legendary Lumberjack

Ninja Parkour [1.19] Minecraft Map

Want to be a Ninja ? Or a Parkour Master ? Well, that is possible with a lot of training !

Ninja Parkour is a challenge parkour map. It uses the Ninja Moves datapack to allow you special moves ! It's multiplayer proof: play with your friends and challenge them!

Features list :

  • 3 sections : tutorial, classic and guest.
  • 1 Epic Quest : FunkyFox will train you. (skipable clicking a button in the credits room)
  • Progressive difficulty : after completed the tutorial, you can defy easy, medium and hard parkours.
  • Top scoreboards : defy your friends's best scores on the classic mod.
  • Move free : complete parkours your own way. There are multiples paths to your goal.
  • 50+ parkours!
  • 6+ languages!
  • Build your own parkour!
  • Twerk with your friends!
  • Buy some cosmetics or "useless but fun" stuff with your own tears!

Issue / Bugs
- I'm stuck in the first room and I don't know what to do.
You have to speak to FunkyFox, staying in a short range during his speach.

- My stamina is getting low
Go to the main room and find the twerk zone. Spam Sneak and jump until you get a saturation effect.
Demo Version
There is no demo version. It is the full map.
Ninja Parkour [1.19] Minecraft Map
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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International. An exception is made for video content which can be monetized under the condition of credits attribution according to the license. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode.

If you create videos, you must add this to your description:
Map by FunkyToc : https://funkytoc.fr
CreditAll the builders are credited in game (Guest Area)
Progress100% complete

17 Update Logs

v1.2.2 Update : by FunkyToc 06/30/2022 7:29:23 amJun 30th, 2022

compatibility 1.17 - 1.19
minors level design changes

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06/09/2023 4:42 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EnderBrineMC91's Avatar
hello, i played the datapack and the map last year but both of them got deleted and i downloaded the datapack again but when i want to download the map i can't do it. in your website there are 2 different versions of the map, one is premium and another one is free (i guess) but i can't download it. when i click the LAST VERSION button it says
access denied
You do not have access to www.patreon.com.

The site owner may have set restrictions that prevent you from accessing the site.
well i did download it free last year idk how but i can't do it now what to do? (sorry for bad english)
06/09/2023 4:52 amhistory
Level 74 : Legendary Lumberjack
FunkyToc's Avatar
Oh ok. My bad, I forgot that american website have been blocked with this politic environment...

I'm uploading it on my website. Please, check the "legacy download link" again ;)
06/09/2023 4:55 am
Level 1 : New Miner
EnderBrineMC91's Avatar
well it didn't work but i can download the french version does it have any diffrence or it's the same?
06/09/2023 5:16 amhistory
Level 74 : Legendary Lumberjack
FunkyToc's Avatar
Languages are include in the resources pack, so it's OK.

The legacy link didn't work?!
08/22/2021 8:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
booenjoyer's Avatar
some comands dont work or they look weird, the fox's name appears like "funkyfox.name! and some titles / subtitles say "door.guest.title" and chat commands like the fox's one says "funkyfox,state99.action2", is there a way i can fix that?
08/23/2021 4:27 amhistory
Level 74 : Legendary Lumberjack
FunkyToc's Avatar
Yes. If you are not playing in solo, you have to manually apply the ressource-pack =)
You can find it in the map file, with the name "resources.zip"
08/07/2021 5:48 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Chuzume's Avatar
Very nice map! (...Except that fox talk too long :P) btw, Take my diamond!

In my opnion, less people will give up playing this map if you make it optional to talk to the fox.
I think many players want to play cool parkour right away :D
08/23/2021 4:28 am
Level 74 : Legendary Lumberjack
FunkyToc's Avatar
The "unlock button" is now available ! =D
08/08/2021 11:18 amhistory
Level 74 : Legendary Lumberjack
FunkyToc's Avatar
Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate.

Yes, FunkyFox looks a bit annoying, but the tutorials are so important... especially in the Guest rooms.
May be I will add an "unlock button" to open the gates...
07/13/2021 6:26 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Artist
ItsMeNeon's Avatar
Omg this is so epic give u 100 diamonds if I could.
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