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[Æonis] - Écuries Impériales | Imperial Stables

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Aeonis avatar Aeonis
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Architect
This project belongs to our main project, the Empire of Castaire.

Today, we're presenting our newest addition to the surroundings of the palace and its enourmous gardens, the Écuries Impériales, the Imperial Stables. Hope you like what you see!

[Æonis] - Écuries Impériales | Imperial Stables Minecraft Map
Belonging to the grand plans for the imperial quarter in Lucrécy, the stables were built precisely in a vista axis at the far south of the imperial gardens. First plans conceived a victory monument at its current position, but Steve and Belle ordered the architects to stop these plans and instead create a grand stable for the imperial horses.
Soon after the start of the palatial construction in 1736, the first sites were built and work started. Comprising over 300 horses, the stables had to be planned quite spatial, thus it is one of the largest buildings in the imperial gardens.
The Écuries de Lavarre (Stables of Lavarre) are the most important horse breeding site of Castaire and provides the imperial court with many noble steeds. As their leadership wanted to found a possible stable near to the capital, Steve informed them of his plans for creating a stable in his gardens. Both sides came to the conclusion that cooperation would be to their both favour and so the newly built stables are maintained by the Écuries de Lavarre.

[Æonis] - Écuries Impériales | Imperial Stables Minecraft Map

[Æonis] - Écuries Impériales | Imperial Stables Minecraft Map
The stables resemble the style of the palace and create an architectonical unit. The usage of red and yellow bricks for the walls paired with quartzen pillars directly expand the palace’s façade into the gardens and create a panoramic view of the whole scenery.

The stables are basically a four-winged building spanning around a courtyard, with two major extension wings to house the horse boxes. While the stables are perfectly mirrored at their central axis, they are furthermore symmetrical to the main walkway of the imperial gardens.
Thus, the whole complex consists of two of the mentioned square-shaped buildings with a yard dividing them. The rear façade (facing the sea) is then connected by a colonnade for visitors of the many horseraces held at the stables parcours.

Main Architect: Stevecurious
Interior Design: Paulzero & Stevecurious
Progress100% complete

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10/07/2018 6:25 am
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Wawawow ;)

Looks really great.
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