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Plaza Del Sol: Retro Revival

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AnanaSUPREME's Avatar AnanaSUPREME
Level 20 : Expert Architect
It's almost been 20 years since the inauguration of this mall and it's been 6 years since it was stripped of it's original features that made it stand out from any other mall ever built in Puerto Rico. Because I know many like me miss the place for what it used to be, I feel the utmost motivation to recreate the mall as it used to be from 1998-2011 before DDR miserably failed to turn the Art Deco beast to a minimalist cupcake. The 67,684.1 m2 behemoth of a structure is being recreated by me by hand due to the lack of resources available for Linux in regards to modding and making my life easier with this job, the structure is not 1:1 due to the fact that a lot of the features were originally very detailed and with having to highlight everything as well as possible some things will be out of proportion to make up for the limitations.

I awaited until now because Minecraft did not have the variety of blocks it has now that I would've loved to have years ago when I still had the place fresh in my memory and due to this my reliance on references is not as broad as i would like.
CreditDisabledMabel has aided with the ceiling so far.
Progress20% complete

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Update #8 I have been slacking and this is why: : by AnanaSUPREME 11/29/2020 10:10:26 amNov 29th, 2020

Throughout the two years so far that I have been trying my best to rebuild this place with my own personal memories and the few references I have found scattered throughout the pre-smartphone internet, I have hit a really tall fence. You see, it doesn't matter if I have the blueprints of the mall from back in the day... I do not have enough references of the floor to continue expanding the west wing and it's corridor.

I JUST woke up from a dream where me, my s/o and my in-laws were at the mall. It looked like even though it wasn't close enough, the owners were trying to bring back some of the old features. When we went inside through Entrance #3 (in the dream) the new tile floor (the nasty, cheap, Italian tiled floor) was peeled away and the old terrazzo was under it all along. I was having a conversation with my in-laws about it and I said "I can finally work on the floors since I can now see what they look like".

Right now I have to face the realization that I have to find out who/which company was responsible for this design back in the 90s. Nowhere in the blueprint is there any information because it's intent was to attract investors to destroy the place into what it is now, which places me in an awkward position. I am afraid of reaching the current owner because of this blueprint document I now own which was authorized by the previous company. I am not knowledgeable enough to have an idea of who to reach out because I know I will be told off about it.

I will make my best effort to build the Caribbean Cinemas area in the meantime and I will update the file as I move ahead with the project. I know it will very likely fall on deaf ears/ blind eyes but I want to try and find out who designed the place to begin with.

You will hear from me as soon as I find out.

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