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Pokémon gyms, BurnGuard's version

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BurnGuard's Avatar BurnGuard
Level 24 : Expert Mage
I was looking for some pokémon gyms in minecraft but I didnt really find any good ones D:
So I decided to build my own gyms :D
I'm not saying my gyms are the best / better than others, I just wanted to show people my versions. :D

I built these gyms based on the first gen gyms from Pokémon Yellow / Red / Blue.

Pewter Gym
Cerulean Gym
Vermilion Gym
Celadon Gym
Fushia Gym
Saffron Gym
Cinnabar Gym
Viridian Gym

Extra: Added Pokémon Center and Pokémarkt.

I probably won't finish this build.

tp to these coords if you can't find the builds: 69 71 -60

Additional Notes

I used the oCd Texture Pack : http://www.ocddisco.com/ocdpack/

This isnt a clean map, so there are some buildings and other stuff in the map that don't have anything to do with the gyms. :)
Progress100% complete

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12/15/2013 1:27 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
FadeAway_'s Avatar
I'm trying to see what the buildings look like in game, but when I load it (correctly), it just gives me an empty world with nothing there, are there coords i need to teleport to or something?
12/16/2013 11:06 am
Level 24 : Expert Mage
BurnGuard's Avatar
Hi! Try tp'ing to these coords: 69 71 -60
10/29/2013 1:59 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Pokemon
MikeStardust's Avatar
Awesome man, i was looking for some gyms to my upcoming server, thank you for this:)
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