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project 1153 Orel aircraft carrier

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skylancer-3441's Avatar skylancer-3441
Level 52 : Grandmaster Sailor
Another one of soviet aircraft carriers I've decided to make.
It was never built IRL, so i made up her name. It's called Baku, like one of soviet Kiev-class carriers actually built IRL at this time (1978-1982).

Based on drawings created by Gollevainen from shipbucket forum and drawings by ansokolov39 from ansokolov39.livejournal.com.

309 blocks long, 66 blocks wide and 74 blocks high.
Supposed to carry 20 anti-ship missiles and about 50 planes and helis (well, I've made 43 of them)
about 98.5 hours of gameplay were spent to build this boat.

bonus - 1.5 mb gif image shows building process
and another one 3 mb gif image

More about this ship (based on Gollevainen's text with some changes I've made using some russian articles about 1153)
  • Project 1153 OREL was the second attempt of Soviet Navy to create a conventional carrier after Kiev class was already in put in production. It was much smaller design than the larger project 1160 OREL which dated few years earlier. It was cancelled due political decision to continue the Kiev class which was made under high belives to VSTOL planes. Defence minister Ustinov particulary had strong hopes for the future supersonic VSTOL plane which was to follow the Yak-38. In this belive he had generated virtually a hate-like feelings towards conventional carriers and did quite effectly mash all attempts to have conventional aircrafts over seas during his servicetime. Not only were 1160 and 1153 soon cancelled after they had emerged, but also when the issue was reintroduced in the forms of Kuznetsov and Varyag, he managed to get his point of view trough and 1143.5/6 was to have Ski-jump for the use of the new VSTOL plane rather than catapults for conventional planes. The ship class was codenamed after the Eagle (Orel), as all major Soviet ship classes were named after birds; the actual projected name of the class is not known.

building history
January, 1-2
I decided to start. 2 dimensional outline of hull and flight deck was created.

January, 3-4.
It's impossible to find a 1153's line plans so i can't simply start framing. I should make bottom of sponsons firstly.

January, 5.
Sponsons were finished.
Framing and patching of ship's hull was started.

January, 8.
Hull was almost finished.

January, 9-18.
I was busy. Less than 3.5 hours were spent.
Granit launchers, flight deck markings, catapults and arresting gears were created.

July, 20-21.
more than 5 hours were spent.
I've found some photos of 1153's model.
Due to this photos i realized hull of my ship wasn't good at all.
So I decided to remake some parts of it.

July, 22.
about 2 hours were spent.
sponsons were remade.

July, 23.
more than 2 hours were spent.
superstructure was started.

July, 24.
1 hour was spent
superstructure was finished.
hangar was started.

July, 25
less than 2 hours were spent.
still building hangar.

July, 26.
about 3.5 hours were spent.
I'm halfway through building angar

July, 27.
about 3 hours were spent.
hangar was allmost finished.
I'll upload some new screens at August,1.

July, 28
about 2,5 hours were spent.
hangar was finally finished.
bow elevator was created.

July, 29.
about 1.5 hours were spent.
stern elevator was created.

July, 30.
more than 1.5 hours were spent.
stern was allmost finished.
boat deck was started.

August, 1.
less than hour was spent.
still building boat deck.

August, 2-3.
about 8.5 hours were spent.
boat deck was finished.
underway replenishment equipment was created.
propellers, rudders and bilge keels were created.
I'm start to put ship's hull into water (manually - flying around with infinite water in my bucket)

August, 5 - November, 7.
3-mounth break from minecraft. I've googled a lot of aircraft carrier-related information, including very usefull photos of 1153's models located at Nevskoe Design Bureau museum.

November, 8.
3 hours were spent.
Boat deck was remade. Old rescue/harbour boats were updated using some 1.7.2 carpets, coloured glass and clay blocks.
Stern furniture was remade.

November, 9.
5 hours were spent.
Some antennas and weapon platforms were created.
flight deck was repainted.
Granit launchers were updated using some clay blocks.

November, 13
0.5 hours were spent
some antennas were created.
signal bridge furniture was created

November, 14-15
about 2 hours were spent
some more antennas were created.
some sponsons were remade again.

November, 16-28
about 4.5 hours were spent.
some more antennas and furniture were created.
some more SAM launchers were created.

November, 29-30.
more than 6.5 hours were spent.
some more antennas were created.
superstructure was finished.
deluge guns were created.

December, 1-6
more than 3 hours were spent.
Ship itself was finished.

December, 7.
about 3 hours were spent
I have to make some vehicles.
6 different versions of Korchagin Kor-42 plane were started

December, 8.
about 3 hours were spent.
Korchagin Kor-42 were finished.
Updated versions of Kamov Ka-27(ASW) and Ka-27PS (Poiskovo-Spasatelniy - russian for Search and Resque) were created, using some carpets, coloured glass panels and orange wood.

December, 10.
more than 2 hours were spent.
Sukhoi Su-25K attack aircraft (newer built IRL) was created. It's look like updated single-seat version of my Su-25UTG (navalized trainer) minecraft model.

December, 11-13.
more than 3.5 hours were spent.
I've got some more information about IRL 1153's hangar. So it was partly repainted.
Some old wehicles were updated.

December, 14.
more than 3 hours were spent.
Firetruck was created. Front elevator was remade.

December, 15
more than 2 hours were spent.
Building process was finished.

Additional Notes

Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by skylancer-3441 12/16/2013 1:01:00 amDec 16th, 2013

Ship was finished.

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12/16/2013 2:47 am
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Artist
LDModern's Avatar
Dude this is sick :D
12/16/2013 1:03 am
Level 28 : Expert Architect
AlphaKnight495's Avatar
This is lovely and proportional :)
03/19/2013 6:31 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Sailor
kamtheham 23
kamtheham 23's Avatar
why are there pumpkins on the ground
03/19/2013 10:57 pm
Level 52 : Grandmaster Sailor
skylancer-3441's Avatar
Unfortunatelly I can't use CJB mod with it's very useful lighthack. And its really difficult (it's too dark) to put ship's hull into water manually (flying around with bucket of water) without using this pumpkins as light sources.
May be I'll make once small video about this process.
03/01/2013 4:30 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Sailor
Se1fD3struct1on's Avatar
give Spee his proper credit for the USS Enterprise
02/27/2013 9:13 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Artist
valentindelta's Avatar
it really exists, or is it your invention?
02/28/2013 6:37 am
Level 52 : Grandmaster Sailor
skylancer-3441's Avatar
Project 1153 was cancelled even before design process was finished, but there are some drawings available in internet. There is also a model of this ship somewhere in Nevskoe design bureau's museum -
this one .
01/09/2013 1:49 pm
Level 42 : Master Engineer
Nick13's Avatar
I really like that ship
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