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PvP game Map - MuchFasterThanYou !

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- MuchFasterThanYou -


Tous les membres de la Team Endorah sont fiers de vous présenter la nouvelle map de la série MuchFasterThanYou pour
sa seconde saison ! Pour cette saison, la map est constituée de plusieurs biomes dans lesquels les équipes devront réaliser différents défis (ci-dessous), tout en n'oubliant pas le PvP, qui sera l'un des pilier de ce mini-jeu créé par TheMissAddict.
Cette map a été créée par la Team Endorah à l'occasion de la seconde saison de ce mini-jeu. Cette série a était filmé et joué par une grosse poignée de Youtubers minecraft qui devrons compléter différents objectifs en équipe, et se combattre
(le PvP n'est pas autorisé le premier jour).

Quatre équipes au total se battront pour compléter le plus d'objectifs de la liste le plus rapidement possible, celle-ci remportera donc la victoire du mini-jeu.
Les différents biomes qui ont été représenté dans la carte sont le biome Neige, Jungle, Flower, Marais, Plaine et le biome Désertique.
Un lac est situé au centre de la map pour localiser les coordonnées X : 0, Z : 0.
Dans les biomes Désertique, Jungle et Plaine, 3 villages respectifs y ont été placé, vous n'aurez qu'à le découvrir par vous même !
La map est libre de téléchargement et d'utilisation pour toute reproduction du mini-jeu non-officielle.
La taille de la map (terraforming) est d'environ 1752*1536 blocks.


All Endorah Team members are proud to present the new map of MuchFasterThanYou series for
his second season! For this season, the map is composed of several biomes in which the teams will have to realize different challenges (below), while not forgetting the PvP, which will be one of the pillars of this mini-game created by TheMissAddict.
This map was created by Team Endorah for the first season of this mini-game which will be filmed and played by a big handful of Minecraft Youtubers which consists of completing different goals as a team, which will mix with various fighting of PvP (PvP isn't allowed on the first day).
Four teams in total will fight to complete the most goals of the list as quickly as possible, which will win the victory of the mini-game.
The various biomes that have been represented in the map are the biome Snow, Jungle, Flower, Marsh, Plain and Desert Biome.
A lake is located at the center of the map to locate the coordinates X: 0, Z: 0.
In the Desert, Jungle and Plaine biomes, 3 respective villages have been placed there, you will have to discover it by yourself!
The map is free to download and use for any reproduction of the unofficial mini-game.
The size of the map (terraforming) is about 1752*1536 blocks.

The 12 participants of the official mini-game ( first season):

Name: *****Name: *****

Red team:


Blue team:


Name:*****Name: *****

Yellow team:


Green team:



Goals's list which teams have to complete at the event:

3 x seals of lava
7 x wools of colors
1 x tear of ghast OR(WHERE) 15 emeralds
Full house golden stuff
Leather plastron
2 x Weapons enchanted
4 x enderpearls EITHER a head of Wither
10 x stacks x music boxes ( Notebox)
5 stack torchs
10 x breads OR(WHERE) 10 x carrots OR 10 x potatoes
3 x thumbs(inches) of trees different
3 x jack o' lantern OR(WHERE) 15 x cactus OR(WHERE) 3 x complete melons
11 x track 1 x sticky piston
5 x libraries
35 x arrows AND 1 x bow
48 x iron barriers
20 x glasses
9 x potions of poison
3 x sticks of blazes
4 x red apples

Principals rules of the mini-game:

No kind of cheating is authorized.
Forbidden of crafter his own hopper.
No mod other than optifine and Shaders is authorized. PLUGIN MUMBLE
No authorized alliance. We are enemy.
For the good progress of the game, avoid taking all the nether wart in fortresses.
Do not destroy the spawner with name.
Not to trap the portal of Nether, but all other deceitful blows are allowed.
It is not authorized to make its own portal of Nether.
The list of the objectives is given to all the teams at least 24 hours before the beginning of the series.
Every episode lasts 20 minutes.
The PVP is not authorized during the first day.
It is possible to strike and to kill his allies.
The card is difficult.
If a base is discovered, it is possible to crush her.
Unless a bug, it is forbidden to disconnect during a fight.
It is not authorized to attack (affect) a team if all the participants are not connected to the waiter(server).
It is not possible to farmer during the breaks. We advise(recommend) you to put yourselves in a security place not to risk to make you attack(affect) by monsters.
The passage in End is forbidden (basically).

MAP IN DOWNLOAD ! Cryzopha make a cinematic for the map, check out here !
Members of the Team Endorah :

Owners : Skygrope and bigbublle1963
Community Manager : LucasDiablo (author of this article)
Builders : LucasDiablo, Arckogey, _Blackcreed_, BirchLog, gael321, Accacias, Mélodieuse

Members of the team who participated at the creation of MuchFasterThanYou:
CreditEndorah TheMissAddict LucasDiablo bigbublle1963 Skygrope BirchLog Cryzopha
Progress100% complete

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