Quick Tutorial From a Average Builder

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avatar Geoh6
Level 23 : Expert Architect
Modern building can be the hardest or the easiest style of building this game
has. Modern could turn out to be cube made out of snow, glass and a
table made out of a piston and a stair or, it can be a beautifully
crafted sculpture.

2017-19 modern, If you think about it, mostly consist of a couple of box shaped
snow frames stacked on top of each over.

To make a perfectly crafted sculpture that would make Notch himself
cry, you need to first learn the basics of what makes a modern house

1. Depth.
Depth is what makes builds pop. For the most part, don't put two Blocks together that have a different color or texture.

Windows. Windows are important on any house, But for modern , windows
should mostly be big and shaped like a rectangle, I recommend using
light gray panes for modern.

When building modern, People often find themselves building a small
section with a window and detail, then repeating it, Modern should have
different size windows, walls, etc.

4. Everything must flow. Making sure your modern house flows is Important
into your build. If you look at Modern house in real life, you can see
that one section of a house is one color and it gradually merges into
another. It doesn't suddenly go straight into another color and texture.

5. Planning.
Planning the build might thee most important part of building. You
don't want to spend a long time building a really good modern house and
find that you would have an interior the size of a car.

Modern is a colorful style. make sure to use different textures
and colors that flow. For example, Snow and spruce or dark oak planks
go great together. Make sure you use Tip #1

7. Resource Packs.
Resource packs are important because you are able to use textures and
color that, normally, you wouldn't be able to use. I use the Block By Block Resource Pack

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