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Rainbow Dash [Pixel Art] Kaunas

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Kaunas's Avatar Kaunas
Level 46 : Master Pony
This is my very first pixel art creation. Its made by me in like 50mins when i was bored.. Im also working on a pixel art IRL version (see picture above). its really bad cuz my webcam is kinda lame.. really.. yeah... :3

Hope you like it and if you do and/or dont, please comment what le hell i can do later.

After geting like ~50 diamonds on all my pixels i will add a world download link :3
Done did it! get the full map here

After the 50 diamond milestone i think its time for a 100 diamond pixel diamonds! that.. sounds wrong.. Yes well! my next pixel map will be out for download if i get 100 Diamonds on all my pixel art maps!

+ This is my more HD pixel art of Rainbow :3

Hope you liked it, leave a comment.

My pixel art world download HERE!

Honestly do please leave a comment, it does mean alot :)
Progress100% complete

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Update #3 : by Kaunas 10/31/2012 4:16:52 pmOct 31st, 2012

Added Survival Picture

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10/28/2012 2:15 pm
Level 44 : Master Artist
miss_creator's Avatar
i really like your pixelart i lookt ad it al the time, and because of people like you i wanted to do some pixelart to but then really big. since you are a real inspiration to me it would mean alot if you could tell me what you think of it http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/pinkie-pie-pixelart-biggest-ever-also-for-contest/
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