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this is the "Really All Terrain MegaCaliber Six" armoured transport.
It is the successor to the AT-M6.

RAT-M6 and AT-M6 have a lot in common but the RAT-M6 has significant advantages to the AT-M6.
They share the same main body and both are equipped with a MegaCaliber Six turbolaser cannon.
The RAT-M6's cannon has been modified a little bit but stayed MegaCaliber Six.
The biggest difference between RAT-M6 and AT-M6 is that the RAT-M6 does not have legs anymore.
It uses engines silimar to those used in star ships to propell itself.
This brings some serious advantages with it.

First it is absolutely immune against the "rope around the legs attack" seen on Hoth. The AT-M6 has cutters on the front legs but only in the lower half. With a little bit of luck it still is possible to destroy an AT-M6 with the rope tactic. In the RAT-M6 you are totally safe from ropes.

Next advantage is that landmines have a smaller impact if they have at all. The AT-AT and every other walker in that concept had long legs and large feet to protect the vehicle from ground explosions. The RAT-M6 does not even touch the ground. If there was a landmine the exhaust from the six engines would earase the shock wave and blow the explosion back to the ground.
So neither ropes nor mines can harm the RAT-M6.

But there is more. Walking on legs is quite slow. So if you don't have legs but 6 boosters instead and are floating in midair you are a lot faster.
The six engines are mounted on the original leg joints from the AT-M6. That way no redesign of the main body was needed.
To still be able to stabilize the turbolaser cannon the RAT-M6 has 2 engines at the front and not just one like at the back (on either side). The front engines are also further away from the center of the vehicle than the rear engines to provide even more stability.

The leg joints the engines are mounted to serve as suspension so that the crew enjoys an untroubled ride to the next battlefield.
That also was not the case with former AT versions. They were really wonky due to the legs and a ride in them was quite uncomfortable because the vehicle was shaking so much.

The RAT-M6's name comes from being a really all terrain vehicle. With legs it gets a little bit difficult in some regions but the RAT-M6 with 6 star ship engines is able to drive over every terrain without exception.

All in all the RAT-M6 is superior to every other AT walker that has been before. It is safe against most fatal attacks that had been launched to take ATs down. It's safe from land mines or other ground detonations and it is a lot faster than any other AT while still preserving its psychological impact.

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07/24/2018 5:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Asage's Avatar
Can we get a download please?

05/06/2019 10:27 am
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Download is available now ^^
07/24/2018 2:36 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
For me this creation is very special and I don't want everybody to have access to it so i decided to not make a download available
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