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RevolutionalRedStone avatar RevolutionalRedStone
Level 53 : Grandmaster Pirate
Hey guys,

I've written a program to support Redstone engineering.

Using this program anyone can design Redstone circuitry in a fast and comfortable fashion.

Recent change log ( Version 2.0.0 )

- Fully functional 3D-Design-Interface
- Variable speed Redstone-simulator
- New Open-Source engine / editor
- Support for 3D Side-View mode

Upcoming feature list

- Exporter / Importer ( .schematic for MCedit and .save for Custom Minecraft )
- Advanced Design Tools ( copy / paste / drag )
- Automated Circuit Induction ( HLS )
- Pistons
- Glass

Download ( Redstone Circuit Designer )
httpwwwalfrescocomcommunityimageswindows-iconpngWindows Installer ( 14MB V2.0.0 ) (2020/12/11: changed file host to mediafire)

Additional Notes

Feedback like comments questions bug-reports and Ideas are very welcome !
Thanks again guys!
Progress55% complete

1 Update Logs

Legacy change-log : by RevolutionalRedStone 08/06/2012 9:57:45 pmAug 6th, 2012

version 0.0.2
- Added multi-platform flash support
- keyboard controlled item-selection (1-4)
version 0.0.1
- Redstone torches can now be placed directly on the ground
- The position and orientation of Torches and Repeaters is shown before placement
- The connection mechanisms between Dust has been improved
- Added program Icons

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06/13/2019 4:26 pmhistory
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Last_Dovahkiin avatar
We need the other newer redstone blocks, including comparators and observers. People are using them more and more, and so they'd provide much more utility. Not to mention, you say you added pistons, but I don't see em.

Also, how the heck do you change repeater ticks? I'm trying to put 25 repeaters all on a 4 tick delay, so I can get a 10 second delay.
12/05/2017 5:11 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
minecraftpsyco0 avatar
Zip File Version?
08/17/2015 12:48 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
RowanFN avatar
There is only a windows link? where is the mac version? or .swf for mac/web load, as i cannot find it and was discussed lower down.
07/11/2014 3:08 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TheeUltimateGUY avatar
you need to make this eligible for Android that would be awesome then we can just do it all the time and anywhere  :D
07/25/2014 5:44 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Pirate
RevolutionalRedStone avatar
Cool Idea : )
07/15/2013 2:01 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
herobrine1100 avatar
when can it export a .schematic file? sounds great!
05/16/2013 1:38 am
Level 25 : Expert Engineer
LiquidChildren1 avatar
If this was a mobile apple app then I would buy the hell out of it
04/16/2013 9:34 am
Level 41 : Master Electrician
fibonatic avatar
I haven't looked here for quite a while. Just tested the current program (2.0.0) and it looks awesome. I actually came here so I could refer someone on a forum to this page since he wants to make a redstone simulator in Javascript.
But I did got some new suggestions which I think would be a great addition to this program:
  • It would be nice to be able to rotate in 90°, so you would be able to view every thing from the sides and bottom as well. And it might also be useful to add a controls section in the game, since at first I didn't know you could look horizontal by holding the CTRL key.
  • Maybe add a toggleable floating flat grid which moves along with you at a fixed distance (which could be adjusted) facing the normal direction in which you are looking, on which you can place blocks, so your don't need to depend on other blocks to be able to place new blocks. Maybe also add the option to make all the block transparent which aren't on that layer of the grid for easy editing within a circuit.
  • I also liked the ability to change the speed of the redstone ticks, but it would also be useful for debugging if you could manually proceed to the next tick.

And I also noticed some "bugs":
  • The slide on the left of the redstone-tick-length-slide (when you have pressed ESC) seems to increase the entire game speed, instead of only the movement speed (what I thought it would be), so block placement and removal (including the sound) changes as well.
  • When I press F3 I do see a the coordinates and frame rate in the top left of my screen, however this flickers, so when enabled it isn't always visible.
04/16/2013 10:09 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Pirate
RevolutionalRedStone avatar
Thanks alot fibonatic,

Your forum friend has alot of fun ahead of him, or her.

Nice idea with the rotation buttons; i like it ! ( and controls really should be shown in-game )
This floating-grid idea makes alot of sense to me also, especially the exclusive-layer Xray.
The Single-Tick Redstone step idea is also a very good one.

The left-slider of thein-game menu; controls the games general physics speed, not just the players speed. ( i should probably change the Icon or add another slider )

The Debuggers are drawn using Edit-text boxes which for some reason, are not drawn in any specific order under windows Vista,7 and 8.

Thanks for stopping by fibonatic, it's always a pleasure to to hear from you.
04/02/2013 5:34 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Artist
chaos18802 avatar
Can this be updated to the latest version of Minecraft? This would simplify circuit design so that i don't have to take down major parts of my world.
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