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Redstone Pulse Generator Demonstrations

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I had a lot of players ask me for help creating redstone clocks / pulse generators (or on my server we call them Pulsars) but after several dozen were created it started to lag the server. So i began intentionally lagging the server in secret during off-peak times (sorry) to find some ways how to reduce the load they create.

This is my first Redstone tutorial world so its quite empty except of these examples. If you cant find them, there is a giant red arrow pointing down at them for easy reference.

It has several examples
  • The fast, unstable and very laggy making ones which are only useful on tiny servers or singleplayer
  • Pulse generators with reboot buttons (useful if you don't want to break it to get it going again)
  • To a pulse generator with an on/off switch that can do slow and fast pulses! (great for big servers).3

This tutorial is designed for those who have little or no experience with Redstone but wants to give it a try

Additional Notes

You can visit me on my server if you want to share ideas or check out some designs. I'll add to the world save later some mechanisms like piston-powered water features and uphill-flowing water.
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07/27/2011 2:57 pm
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A Can Of Win
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Credit to me? :o
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