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Secret Land

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This map was made in 1.14.4, but will work in later versions.

Designed for use with the Conquest resource pack.

Secret Lands is a large ultrarealistic worldpainter continent featuring a wide variety of seamless custom environments. It is southern in nature, condensing a temperate climate in the north, subtropical in the center and tropical in the far south. it uses only custom assets, as well as the Conquest resource pack, for best realism.

List of biomes, north to south and west to east:

- The far northwest features a mountain range rising above the tree line, surrounded by cold coniferous forests and 2 mid-size volcanic islands off the coast.

- Center north is a rolling inland plain with few trees, a transition zone from the dry west to the humid east.

- Northeast is a humid peninsula inhabited by groves of deciduous coastal trees, surrounded by calmer seas and grassy shores. (Spawn point)

- Center west lie shorter hills below the snow line, covered in dense coniferous forests as the climate gets drier. The mountains form a rain shadow effect, thus giving way to semi-arid valleys downhill and eventually a brushy cold desert.

- Middle of the continent is full of mountain passes and inland woods which descend towards the humid coastal plain, crisscrossed by rivers and lakes.

- Center east is a vast, cold bog under a dark canopy of mixed woods, with swampy ground and fields of waterlogged seagrass lining the coast.

- The southwest is a large barren desert lining the coast, dotted by dunes, mesas and dried riverbeds. It's isolated from the rest of the map by a continental mountain range rising to dry shrubby ridges that begin to support more vegetation as they descend east. The vast northern part of the desert is cold, supporting little life. This transitions to a hot desert in the southern peninsula that is teeming with palm trees, oases and rocky streams and an offshore coral reef in the far south.

- Center south is a very humid, subtropical coastline surrounding a gulf. Offshore is a chain of warm islands battered by the sea. Palm trees and other warm vegetation begins to grow here, and following the peninsula to the far south will eventually lead to dense tropical jungles filled with color and life.

- The southeast is a subtropical coastal floodplain taking the form of saltwater mangroves, sandy beaches and estuaries.

- The far south of the map is the open ocean, but in the eastern corner lies an archipelago of hidden tropical islands. They get progressively more lush further south and some are volcanic and mountainous while others are flat. Surrounded by vast coral reefs, these islands are filled with exotic vegetation and beautiful colors found nowhere else.
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