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sundial and moondial

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this is my first posted project. it's a sundial. it's a series of two arcs on a flat base with a "noon" center piece. i took some time to come up with a sort of "minecraft time". i produced the following:

1) over a radius of 20 blocks the sun moves through 4 blocks of the arch within 1 minute.

2) within my arch that spans 49 39 blocks (2 sets of 20 each sharing the middle block) the sun travels through 10 panes of glass in ~ 10 minutes. this required modification. because of the 1.5 minutes per sunrise/sunset; i split the arch into 13 separate panes, cutting .5 of an minute from sunrise/sunset and spreading it evenly through the other panes.. there are 13 total minutes in the "day" span, including sunrise/sunset, so the sun travels not 10, but 13 panes, in ~ 13 minutes.

3) that means there are 10 13 "panes" in every minecraft day time.

4) noon is equal to 5 6 which is dead center in the arch

... so i came up with my own time system. one daytime cycle, not night, just day, is 10 13 panes long and the time can be announced as "1" or "1 pane" and can go from 0 to 10- 12. 0 is the same as sunrise and 10 12 the same as sunset. each pane lasts about a minute's worth of time.

the floor is a runway shape with the "east" (map's north) marked with a "+" and the "west" (map's south) marked with a "-". this represents positive (+) and negative (-) motion along the f3 display x axis of the map. plus, it was easier than putting in letters on the ground. at the + end are the numbers 0 and 0 and at the - end are the numbers 1 and 0 2, or 10 12.

i think it's a pretty simple system to work with. it's not totally done, in want some more aesthetically pleasing things addressed, but as far as function, it's ready to go.

there were some serious math flaws that have been addressed. i struck them out so that i had a comprehensive evolution of the project.

i added a moondial that is ~ 54% the size of the sundial based on the fact that the moon moves over the same amount of sky in 7 minutes that the sun does in 13. 7 ~ 54% of 13, thus the reason the dimensions are ~ 54% that of the sundial. the moondial is 23 blocks long and 10 blocks in height. it functions the same way the sundial does, having only 7 panes making for a total of 20 between them both. the moondial counts the panes from 13 - 19. so the day time is 0 - 12 and the night time is 13 - 19. since no numbers repeat there needs be no distinction with a.m. or p.m. but one could add sun time (s.t.) or moon time (m.t.) to make reference faster. i'll get all of the updated pictures later.

i made the final tweaks and took some new screenshots. only thing left to do is add street lamps and __________center like a welcome building or museum or something.
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08/02/2011 5:09 am
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can you make a world download?
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