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Sisters great hate [HinC Contest] _ Place: 36

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__Sisters great Hate__
Thomas999 Creations.

Judgers - spoiler
The reason for the low size, and detail for this project is because I started on it last week. I've been on vacation most of the time, and I apolygize for it. Enjoy :)

I Finished as number: 36 in the HinC contest. ~yay

The project info:
The project took one week to create. The projects meaning is to show how importen You are to the ones around you. This projects meaning is to show you that if you didn't wake up tomorrow, their world would become a choas of questions, fights would begin, love would become hate. I know the project isn't big, but dose size really matter?..

That my friend is up to you...

Story line:

The story your about to read has an open ending wich means You! are the one who will have to end the story. I made the beginning now it's your turn to finish it.
If you want the best experience [Clicky] lisint, and read...

The story begins...

I opened my eyes slowly. A sense of thin but fresh air filled my lungs. My breathing was slow.

- "Where am I?"

I said weakly into the nothing that awaited me.

Slowly my legs started to move forward. I held my hand in front of the sun to avoid being blinded by it’s white glow.

I could slowly begin to see again. The further up I the more I could see. I went up until I could see clearly beyond a lawn.

There was nothing ... Just a bit of tall grass, a few flowers with wasps swarming around them, and a single tree standing alone in the middle of the lawn.

- "Hello?"

I shouted with my husky voice.

- "Is anybody there?"

My voice disappeared in the winds gentle breeze. I began to see it for myself. I was alone ... No help available anywhere.

I slowly looked around at the many mountains and hills that was reflating the white sunlight. I noticed a cloud that had settled down along some hills.

I slowly walked closer to the cloud which seemed to be a normal cloud.

There I was, finally at the cloud. I saw nothing special about it; White thin color, moist and airy. It looked like a normal cloud ... but I was horribly wrong!

Inside the cloud, almost near the middle were two eggs. It wasn’t two normal eggs from a chicken, it was two large eggs, much bigger then chicken eggs.

They both had different colors, but the same pattern.

One was white as snow, with beautiful bright blue stripes, pulled in a muddy lane of the eggs left side.

The second egg was red and orange as a glow from the fire's heat. It also had a nice lane with a muddy track, but the stripe was not bright blue. It was pitch black, and it was not pulled down the left, but the right side instead.

I tried to push gently to one egg, but nothing happened. It was cold, the white eggs was cold and wet as Christmas snow on Christmas Eve.

And the red, orange eggs? It was scorching hot and dry like a volcano.

- "What are you?"

I whispered to myself ...

Things became darker as the sun set. I could see how the sun went down beneath the countryside. The wind began to pick up, get cooler, and heavier. I settled down by the two eggs. The red, orange eggs were getting cold ...

I took off my shirt and pulled it over the egg, for it to remain warm. I sat back slowly and looked at the eggs.

"What are you?", "Who are you? , "Where do you come from?", "Are you lost?"

As the questions went flying around in my head, confusement took over. I raised myself up again, but fell backwards and landed on the grass, but my hand knocked the white egg over.

I noticed a piece of some old paper placed in the bottom of the egg. It was written in a language I couldn't understand, but I had seen it before. Danish I think so they called it in school.

Although I did not understand what was written, I read it all anyway..

“Til hvem end der læser dette.

"For whoever reads this.

I femten år tog jeg mig af disse æg, jeg elskede dem i femten år, gav dem et varmt sted at bo i

In the fifteen years I took care of these eggs, I loved them for fifteen years, gave them a warm

femten år, og sørgede for at deres opvækst ville blive god.

place to stay for fifteen years, and made ​​sure that their upbringing would be good. Even though

Selvom jeg ikke er en mand af mange ord kan jeg sige at disse to fantastiske skabninger ikke må uddø.

I’m not a man of many words I can say that these two amazing creatures must not die out.

Om det ville koste mit liv at redde dem!

Whether it would cost my life to save them!

Jeg elsker dem stadig højt, men jeg ved også inderst inde at jeg en dag, En dag bliver nødt til at

I still love them, but I also know deep inside that one day, one day! I will have to give them back

give dem tilbage til det sted jeg fandt dem. Idag var den så dag… Den dag jeg frygtede men forventede.

to where I found them. Today was that day ... The day I dreaded but expected.

Jeg ved ikke hvor længe de ville være her, men formentlig ville de komme i gode hænder her

I do not know how long they will be here, but presumably they would be in good hands up here

oppe, hvor ingen kan gøre dem ondt. Jeg håber de glemmer mig for evigt og lever glade heroppe.

where no one can hurt them. I hope they forget me forever and live happy up here. But one thing

Men en ting er sikkert...

is certain ...

Efter femten år, Femten år! Er de store nok til at klare sig selv. Farvel mine piger, jeg ville for altid

After fifteen years, Fifteen years! They are big enough to take care of themselves. Goodbye my

huske jer som i var!

girls, I will forever remember you as you were!

Jeres altid elskede far.


Your beloved dad.

Thomas. "

CreditThomas999, and a Huge thanks to: Kluntemanden for the screenshots!
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Big fan of the dragons!
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-Big fan of making dragons! :)
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I downloaded it
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Oh wow ..this is sick ;-: .. i love it  !!! Diamond + fav C:
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So is your modern builds sick!
But thanks! I appreciate your support :)
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Wow! Very nice building, man! +1dia for youuu :)
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