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Level 47 : Master Architect

Were, there – other world,

Would, I – want to see, the

Wonderful, view – again,

With cost – of eternal loneness?

It is my story,

of Skantos, a lonely journey –

The vanishing scenery,

The charming scenery.

Created by @Po_er from InnovaCreation


Strongly recommended before reading this post!

(Perhaps) the first trailer in the community using narrative perspective

Youtube link


Skantos is a continent existing in local Shamanic lore.

It is believed that Skantos locates between West Siberia and Central Siberia and has a cold,

humid climate.

High precipitation and low evaporation leads to the formation of many rivers, swamps and

wetlands there.

Every part of the Skantos has developed river system.

The Swamp of Fog (迷雾之沼) and the Swamp of Choices (抉择之沼) are the two biggest

swamps in Skantos, located at center of Skantos and west of 阿尔衮琴高原, respectively.

Two plateaus, 阿尔衮琴高原 and 小衮琴高原, have a drier climate; grass on those two plateaus

are in yellow even in summer.

Both plateaus have the notable light gray surface.

There are also stone beaches at the lower reaches of river systems in this area.

To the south of the Swamp of Choices are mostly plains, except the 奥比昂山脉.

奥比昂山脉 is the only mountain range in the south; there is no snow in the summer.

The developed river systems supports the rich forest in the plains. Out of all forests, 鄂毕森林

is the largest and most notable one.To the north of Skantos is a region called 赫哲. 赫哲山脉 was formed after the fourth glacial


Because of the wind direction, only the north part of Mountains has snow and glaciers.

The highest point of Skantos locates at the Mt. 亚斯莱芒, on the north part of 赫哲山脉.

The Dragon Claw Mountains is largely eroded by the glaciers.

古斯通岛 doesn't have notable feature other than an underground cave.

The magic array above 维诺火山 is the power source of the entire Skantos. It seals the volcano

and keeps the continent from collapsing.

Since it was broken, the continent has been eroded by regions from reality, for examples

abandoned wharfs, factories and houses, and the volcano starts to erupt.

Climate of Skantos has been warmer since then; snow line was pushed to 赫哲山脉, and the

continent continues collapsing while the magic array keeps breaking…

  • Size: 8192 * 8192
  • Powered by WorldMachine, WorldPainter and WorldEdit
  • Real grass and river! Every screenshot can be your wallpaper!
  • Suitable for 1.12! The outer region is normal Minecraft world where you can play

survival mode.
  • Good for RPG map makers! Say good bye to vanilla terrain!


Skantos Minecraft MapWith legends: [​THE MAP WITH LEGENDS]

Skantos Minecraft Map
Without legends: [​THE MAP WITHOUT LEGENDS]

Skantos Minecraft Map
Cave map and partial resource map: [​THE RESOURCE MAP]

Legends: red circles are cave entrance.


Warning: not suitable for playing survival mode!

A list of coordinates of notable places are given below.

Do note that they are not "recommended places".
  • Spawn point: /tp 5125.5 34 4100.5
  • 问号湖:/tp 5399.5 35 4322.5• 主角的小屋:/tp 5849.5 44 4394.5
  • 抉择之沼:/tp 4173.5 35 4479.5
  • Delta at 抉择之沼: /tp 6012.5 35 4562.5
  • Delta: /tp 7351.5 34 6096.5
  • Abandoned wharf: /tp 7173.5 34 7210.5
  • 迷宫入口:/tp 6722.5 51 6218.5
  • 奥比昂山脉脚下的大草原:/tp 5125.5 61 5559.5
  • 小衮琴高原边缘:/tp 4160.5 37 6010.5
  • Abaonded Factory: /tp 4881.5 64 6388.5
  • 鄂毕森林:/tp 5674.5 45 6891.5
  • 小衮琴高原河谷:/tp 3937.5 78 6739.5
  • 小衮琴高原:/tp 3829.5 135 7868.5
  • 阿尔衮琴高原:/tp 2838.5 199 6914.5
  • 阿尔衮琴高原 2:/tp 1489.5 70 6712.5
  • 阿尔衮琴高原下的砂砾沙滩:/tp 2878.5 34 6056.5
  • 阿尔衮琴高原下的砂砾沙滩 2:/tp 2400.5 34 5599.5
  • 阿尔衮琴高原下的砂砾沙滩 3:/tp 1424.5 34 5701.5
  • 迷雾之沼:/tp 873.5 35 5957.5
  • 沿岸石锥群:/tp 3288.5 97 5473.5
  • 沿岸石锥群 2:/tp 3704.5 41 4285.5
  • 冰晶石:/tp 5484.5 68 3352.5
  • 鲸跃冰桥:/tp 6056.5 71 3010.5
  • 赫哲之森:/tp 6765.5 34 2455.5
  • 赫哲之森 2:/tp 5881.5 49 2450.5
  • 赫哲山脉(积冰面):/tp 6569.5 107 3629.5
  • 赫哲山脉(背风坡):/tp 6215.5 50 4309.5
  • 亚斯莱芒峰山脚:/tp 4269.5 53 1809.5
  • 亚斯莱芒峰山脚 2:/tp 4223.5 67 1210.5
  • 龙爪山脉:/tp 2357.5 69 1903.5
  • 龙爪山脉 2:/tp 2430.5 160 1242.5
  • 浮冰:/tp 4639.5 34 2190.5
  • 古通斯岛:/tp 7252.5 77 1036.5
  • 终焉之森:/tp 1016.5 51 2975.5
  • 终焉之森 2:/tp 1629.5 34 4716.5
  • 维诺火山山脚 (watch out lava!): /tp 1482.5 66 3854.5

Demo Picture
  • Swamp of Choices and 奥比昂山脉
  • Swamp of Choices and 奥比昂山脉, with 赫哲山脉 on the right
  • River on the right of 奥比昂山脉; it is also the longest in Skantos
  • Foot of 赫哲山脉
  • 衮琴高原• Close view of Lizard Rock
  • Swamp of Fog
  • 赫哲森林 and 鲸跃冰桥
  • Gravel riverbed at the foot of 大衮琴高原
  • Morning Fog at Swamp of Choices
  • 赫哲山脉, ice-covered side is facing wind.
  • Morning Fog at 鄂毕森林
  • Breaking Magic Array above 维诺火山
  • Stone Arch Bridge outside of 冰晶石
  • Real River and wetland
  • Entrace of 亡灵洞窟, backside of 赫哲山脉 is at far view
  • Rare clear area inside 赫哲森林
  • 小衮琴高原 Edge
  • Winter Special Version
  • Winter Special Version 2

    Author's words

    Please watch the video – it is my first time trying this style for a trailer video. It is very

    different from usual.

    Believe or not, the idea of Skantos is from the unused draft of 卡露蒂亚.

    Back to when I was making 卡露蒂亚, I felt unsatisfied and started everything over from

    scratch, and

    in last August I started remaking 卡露蒂亚 itself. So this unfinished draft was forgotten for two


    until last October when I mentioned it during a livestream.

    Some audiences suggested me to publish it as a "prototype" thing,

    but other than the Dragon Claw Mountains on the northwest there is nothing in common with


    It is a new project.

    With the help of river system powered by WorldMachine, as well as colored grass, I raised

    this draft to a new level.

    Event better than 卡露蒂亚.

    The map used in the survival server of our InnovaCreation team is somewhat related to this

    one, lol.

    It is also the first time that I livestream map making.

    I would like to say thank you to everyone that leaves their feedbacks, from the terrain to

    every details.

    Even the name of Skantos is from my audiences.

    It really means much to me.Pic: WorldPainter Export result

    • NEW66, 起哒火 and 雨落雨归 for video editing
    • LocusAzzurro for modpack
    • Nord for rendering
    • Tahnass for shaderpack


    Official website

    NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

    Progress100% complete

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    12/19/2020 2:35 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Xalise avatar
    Hi first of all I want to say this is a wonderful card. My friends and I have played on your map the biome with the glaciers (3000/150/1700) crashed my server (1.16.1) there must be a piece of coronpue unfortunately I tried a lot of things and the server still crashes can you watch this or update the map please
    08/24/2020 4:50 pmhistory
    Level 44 : Master Answer
    Hoodoo avatar
    It is an incredible piece of work, congratulations!
    here it is with my trexture pack and enhanced defaukt shaders. May I use your map to advertise my resource pack (with credits and link to your thread ofc) ?

    01/30/2021 9:04 am
    Level 47 : Master Architect
    InnovaCreation avatar
    05/25/2020 1:07 am
    Level 45 : Master Lego Builder
    Gabbel avatar
    Wow, I love this map! Looks so gorgeous!
    05/19/2020 12:22 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    User3060502F avatar
    what version?
    05/20/2020 5:00 am
    Level 47 : Master Architect
    InnovaCreation avatar
    java version 1.12+
    05/11/2020 1:06 pm
    Level 39 : Artisan Artist
    FaZe_Nibbs avatar
    1GB SIZED MAP??!!!!! I'M MAD FOR PLAYING IT BUT MY COMPUTER WOULD DIE IF I PLAY IT. Hopefully I'll get some more money to buy a new one or upgrade the one I already have.
    05/13/2020 6:43 am
    Level 47 : Master Architect
    InnovaCreation avatar
    Actually there are two maps, one for summer and one for winter
    05/07/2020 5:24 pmhistory
    Level 1 : New Miner
    ProDude314 avatar
    I downloaded it, and it was a finite, terribly small world. What's wrong? It also didn't look like what the map is supposed to look like.
    05/06/2020 11:21 pm
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    _thedoctor_ avatar
    The map links in the description dont exist
    05/07/2020 9:35 am
    Level 47 : Master Architect
    InnovaCreation avatar
    It has been modified
    05/07/2020 3:15 pmhistory
    Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
    _thedoctor_ avatar
    They uh, still arent there. The [​MAP WITH LEGENDS] and [​MAP WITHOUT LEGENDS] links arent there
    05/08/2020 10:13 amhistory
    Level 47 : Master Architect
    InnovaCreation avatar
    emm,i forgot to upload the picture
    05/07/2020 6:52 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    ProDude314 avatar
    05/04/2020 2:01 pm
    Level 55 : Grandmaster Terraformer
    Evmanz avatar
    05/04/2020 12:47 pm
    Level 47 : Master Mountaineer
    Consue avatar
    A refreshing take on large multi biome maps. This inspires me to make more large maps.
    05/03/2020 2:15 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    NotFrozty avatar
    This is very nice.
    05/03/2020 9:58 amhistory
    Level 86 : Elite Cake
    PMC avatar
    Epic map, great work!! Also, amazing job on the trailer! You should be really proud of this :)
    05/03/2020 8:15 am
    Level 57 : Grandmaster Terraformer
    Ivain avatar
    Ah, I was wondering when this masterpiece would be posted. I've seen snatches of this in the terraformer discord, and it looks as amazing as I expected.
    05/03/2020 4:59 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Hris avatar
    Hey man, great map! Is there a chance to post it as a worldpainter file? If yes, could I use it for a part of my survival map?
    05/03/2020 6:44 amhistory
    Level 47 : Master Architect
    InnovaCreation avatar
    We can only provide map archives. You can use the map in any way, subject to "CC BY-NC-SA 4.0".
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