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Slime Block TNT Cannon

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Slime Block TNT Cannon

Hey Guys, MinecraftFilesHD here! Today I have a Slime Block TNT Cannon for you to see! Basically, you start at a distance away from the Cannon, then you press a button, and TNT is activated, then a Piston from beneath you deactivates, and you fall. Second to Lastly, you fall onto a Slime Block that makes you go into the air, and while you are in the air, the TNT explodes, and you go over 350+ Blocks into the air! 
I literally just randomly found the idea of doing this... And I actually found out by experimenting, that if you use the exact same Cannon but without the Slime Block and extra stuff, you actually don't go as high as the Cannon with the Slime Block! And I think that AWESOME!! So, that's another idea for a use of a Slime Block!! And I have never seen anything like this on Youtube and Reddit, so I think I just created something new and awesome! But anyway, I'm gonna leave you with this Exploding Madness, so yah.... Bai, and I hope you enjoy!

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