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St. Patrick's Day One Command

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avatar dogfaceboy
Level 37 : Artisan Engineer
´╗┐This is a 1.9 command only.

1. SkatterBrainGaming: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LUQnUahJbzU
2. Blocky Vision: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QF7HlSQ0h74&app=m&persist_app=1
3. nerdgirl2 from D4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY2sMKZDWWU

Thank you to the reviewers! I always appreciate it!

I would have made a video on this already but I have too much on my hands right now to make one. As you know 1.9 recently came out and that means all my 1.8 and 1.9 snapshot things are broken. I have too much work updating all those things to make a video right now. If you want to make a review/showcase for me to put on this page in the mean time go ahead. Feel free to make a video anyway and showcasing/reviewing any of my things. Just send me a link to the video either as a private message on my Planet Minecaft. On my YouTube channel. Even in the comments of this page. If you send me a link to your video on any of my projects I will put links to them on the page of the thing that you reviewed. Have fun and we are back to are not-so-regularly scheduled command. Thank you for your understanding!

I hope you all enjoy this St. Patrick's Day command. Please read the text document that comes with the command.

New Items:
1. Clover: A helpful tool when fighting the mini boss
2. St. Patrick's Head: A throphy
3. Snake Head: A trophy
4. Golden Protection: New chestplate
5. Golden Resistance: New leggings
6. Golden Magic: New boots
7. Golden Shreader: New sword
8. Snake Fang: New weapon
Note: There are eight even though the command says there is one.

New Mobs:
1. Snake: A mini boss minion
2. St. Patrick: A mini boss

New Dimensions:

New Bosses:

New Mini Bosses:
1. St. Patrick: Summons snakes and does a blindness AOE

How to Find/Make the Items:
1. Clover: Randomly dropped from breaking one high tall grass
2. St. Patrick's Head: Dropped from St. Patrick
3. Golden Protection: Dropped from St. Patrick
4. Golden Resistance: Dropped from St. Patrick
5. Golden Magic: Dropped from St. Patrick
6. Golden Shreader: Dropped from St. Patrick
7. Snake Head: Dropped from a Snake
8. Snake Fang: Dropped from a Sanke

How to Find/Spawn the Mobs:
1. St. Patrick: St. Patrick spawns when a zombie walks on a one high tall grass that has been chosen by the command to drop a clover when broken - or - by renaming a Creeper to: St_Patrick
2. Snake: A Snake spawns at all Snakes and St. Patricks every minute

Special Abilities:
1. Blindness AOE: When a player goes within a ten block radius of St. Patrick ythat player will get blindness.
2. Instant Kill: When a Clover is dropped on a snake it will instantly kill it though the snake won't drop anything.
3. Temporary Slowness: When a Clover is dropped on a St. Patrick it will be slowed to a stop for ten seconds.
Note: There are three though the command says that there is one.

A note from the maker: It has been brought to my attention that even though I defeated him with out dying once with basic diamond gear that this boss is too hard for most of my downloaders. For this reason I have made a Special Armor one command made to make your life easier. If you would like to use this command click on the MCEdit Schematic button for the download. All information comes with the download.
CreditMCStacker, MrGarretto's Command Combiner, video: skatterbringaming
Progress100% complete

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