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The Forbidden Realm of Sifrindel (Head into the Clouds Contest)

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Level 38 : Artisan Architect
Head into the clouds PMC Contest: The Forbidden Realm of Sifrindel

Time Period: PY=Pre-Yumorian

Lore: Beyond the Quanoren sea off to the east of the country of Ruzgar lies the edge of the world where the floating islands of the Forbidden Realm of Sifrindel lay rest. Its history is a mystery and its inhabitants are rumored to be the home of angels. Legend has it, long ago a man that is now referred to as the Inevitable. The Inevitable was a man like any other with a dream. A dream to explore the beyond the Lands of Imagination. He was a boy that was rumored to have lived in the center of Harrisburg, a town off to the east of Tolerance, the capital of Ruzgar. He was a poor boy living in a poor family. They had very little but made the best of what they had. They were a family of hunters and gathers. One day the Governor of Highbeech came to the village to get the vote of the people to be elected as Prime minister of Ruzgar. He came in fancy machinery of metal and wood and magic to make them fly. He was amazed and was determined to fulfill his dream of being able to fly like the rich desert people. As he grew older he came closer to travel to the land of Highbeech where he will learn how to fly.

He left his home at the age of 19 and headed to the desert of riches. Once he got there he was disappointed to find out that the flying machines were not made there, they were made in the floating island of Sorven. He met up with a exploration team known as the notorious Elementalists. He met with the captain Darius and the first mate Steward. He told them of his mission to fly. Luckily for him the exploration team was more than happy to take him aboard. He was so excited to fly in a real airship! He traveled the world with the team and even got to go to Sorven and see the airships.

His team was exploring a mountain one day only to find a ruin in the center of the mountain. Inside was pictures of the edge of the world and floating islands. There was a room filled with different colored fire of which there was one that grew more reckless than the others. It was white. White was supposed to be the neutral color. The different fires represented different human emotions and touching them would result in unknown consequences. Darius wanted to head out and salvage artifacts but the Inevitable could not resist the white flame. As it grew brighter it pulled him closer. Steward jumped at the Inevitable before he touched it, but it was too late. The flame he touched was the flame of green which is greed disguising itself as the color of the neutral flame. The Inevitable now scared forever of greed was taken back on board where he was strapped down before he could steal anything. His hand was burned green. As scared as he was he tried to control himself and make sure he did not touch anything. The crew did various tests to make sure he wasn't completely infected. Turns out he was. As much as he tried to resist he couldn’t. The more he was tied in one spot the more he grew anxious. One night he heard the crew saying that they were going to throw him overboard so that he wouldn't infect the other crewmates. This triggered the flame inside him. He waited for them to untie him and then he fought his way threw the crew killing everyone and taking the ship for himself. He went back to
Highbeech to steal from the city. He was captured and sent to prison.

A year later the paladins of Lightholt came to take the boy to try and purify him. As the Inevitable began to babble about floating islands and flames controlling him, one of the paladins knew what he was talking about. The cave was no ordinary cave. It was the temple of the Core. The paladins brought him back to the ruin to purify him by putting him in the real white flame. As they did the room filled with white smoke. It was the type of smoke that looked like skin milk spilt in the air. He vanished to the land of Sifrindel where there he was met by angels who cared for him. They cured him of his greed and set him off to his own realm. There he told everyone of his trip to the Forbidden Realm of Sifrindel. Darkness grew around him as no one believed him and the greed started to come back. He formed a exploration team and raided towns and villages until he was equipped for the journey to Sifrindel. He spent 3 years looking for a way to get back to the islands and one day he did. He fell off the edge of the world.

As he feel gravitys began to reverse itself. Up was down and down was up. Below them was the island and they landed. The inevitable raided the angels of what they had and returned home. He then told the people of his journey and everyone was convinced. Soon all people were traveling to Sifrindel. The angels wanted all to leave the Realm for it was forbidden for people to come without injuries. By the time the paladins of Lightholt found out that the islands were being raided, it was already too late. The angels had fled the city the inevitable vanished but still curses the people who set foot on the island. Lightholt demanded that the islands be sealed off from the world and the only way to get there is threw teleportation inside of the Lightholt castle. The Inevitable is still said to live there and haunt anyone who comes near the realm.

The Build: The build was start on time but because of summer duties we did not have much time. We would have loved to do more but time has a limit, or so mom says. I probably will be adding to this build in the future. For this build we just made it off the top of our heads. We also did not have a server at first but thanks to. We also did not have many people to help me. And for those that haven't heard my server has gone down. But maybe in the future I will bring it back.


Brains: iltkamil

Builder: iltkamil

Builder: gunoz

Builder: legokid184

Lore: iltkamil

Server Hosting:
CreditCredits are in the description.
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08/05/2014 3:09 pm
Level 21 : Expert Pony
RageLokiCat's Avatar
Sorry it didn't make it to the finalists, I think it deserves to be there!
08/05/2014 6:17 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
iltkamil's Avatar
Thank you :) Wasnt expecting to make it anyways lol
07/31/2014 12:32 pm
Level 27 : Expert Geek
Anxious_'s Avatar
Love the pattern in the magic circle
08/01/2014 11:16 am
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
iltkamil's Avatar
Thank you :)
07/31/2014 12:01 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Legokid184's Avatar
Great lore and map!
08/01/2014 11:16 am
Level 38 : Artisan Architect
iltkamil's Avatar
Thanks bro :)
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