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_Ryuk_ avatar _Ryuk_
Level 46 : Master Architect
*Map must be played on Minecraft Java 1.13

Welcome to Edraria...
The Land Of Edraria

''This is so incredible!''

''...I can't stop playing this map..''

''Oh my god i just finished playing the game and made all the quests i could find and it was amazing, The only bad thing is that there won't be any part 2 or something because I would totally play, this map was awesome and you are awesome. Beautiful map, Creative quests and an AMAZING story behind the villages.''

The most innovative and unique Minecraft RPG map ever created, The Land Of Edraria is the pinnacle of Adventure maps.
With inspiration from series such as The Elder Scrolls and The Witcher, this is the largest map of its kind ever created.

There is no main quest - Simply explore... and find.

The Land Of Edraria - MASSIVE FANTASY RPG ADVENTURE MAP (1.13) Minecraft Map
A massive fantasy world to explore full of cities, towns, caves, bandit camps, mountains, forests and great seas
Over 30 multiple-choice quests with meaningful story lines and multiple endings
Duke Rhallak
Bandits, thugs, knights, monsters, creatures, ghosts and werewolves and more to battle, all individually crafted and unique, offering a new challenge every time
Cave Orc
Countless NPCs to
interact with
Character interaction
The most complex and innovative use of Minecraft commands and redstone, with a full working dialogue system
An example of dialogue
A full soundtrack compiled of the greatest works of fantasy music by many different composers and an official Wiki to add even more layers to the incredible experience
Get the Soundtrack here*

Klyral Pass

Over 350 hours and 3.5 years in the making, The Land Of Edraria is a once in a lifetime experience.
You must play with the John Smith Legacy JimStoneCraft Edition to enhance the experience

Hawksworth, Capital

No main quest - You play your way...

Get the Soundtrack here

The Land Of Edraria Official Wiki:
TLoE Wiki

The Land Of Edraria Official Website :
TLoE Website

Wiltarn stars

Map made by: _Ryuk_
Map terraformed by: Lemon-Fox
Texture pack: John Smith Legacy JimStoneCraft Edition

* Ignore the map save that comes with the Soundtrack download. It has glitched and will not work with dialogue! Please just download the fixed world from the download mirror ;)
_Ryuk_ owns none of the music featured in the Trailer or Soundtrack included with the map download. It is intended for enhancing the experience only. No revenue is being made from it. To use the music, simply play it in the background when playing the map.
CreditohnSmithLegacy JimStoneCraft Edition, Lemon-Fox, The Elder Scrolls and Witcher video game series (inspiration and music)
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Soundtrack : by _Ryuk_ 12/30/2018 6:10:11 amDec 30th, 2018

Hey guys, thanks for all the support and feedback, really makes me happy :)

Some of you were a bit confused with how the soundtrack works, thinking it had to be installed or something.
To use the music, simply play it in the background while playing the game ;)



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12/05/2019 7:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
PanzerMkIV avatar
I am experiencing chunk load failures in several areas of the map.
09/08/2019 11:36 am
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
Dragonborn10k avatar
Hi, I really like the look of this map looks amazing I was just curious does it work with multiplayer?
06/22/2019 9:15 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
lukaslemos avatar
Can i use this map on my server?
06/17/2019 12:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
SavageCourier avatar
I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this custom map, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making it for all of us to enjoy. I hope life treats you well, that you have a nice day, and that you keep doing what you enjoy.
05/09/2019 3:53 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
Robo Epic
Robo Epic avatar
What version should I play this on?
05/23/2019 7:37 am
Level 46 : Master Architect
_Ryuk_ avatar
You can play it properly on Minecraft 1.13
03/26/2019 11:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
M1K1sLife avatar
Hey bro, I see that u put ALOT of work into this and immediately fell in love when I say the pictures for this amazing map bit all I got when I downloaded it was a TINY island surrounded by barely any water and the rest is an invisible barrier
04/04/2019 11:19 am
Level 46 : Master Architect
_Ryuk_ avatar
Hey there I checked the download out and it seemed fine. Are you sure it's not a problem with your minecraft? Just a thought. Thanks.
04/04/2019 10:41 am
Level 46 : Master Architect
_Ryuk_ avatar
Hi there, I will check it out and get back to you ;)
03/21/2019 12:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
the_digs avatar
I am really loving this map! Have a question though. Is there somewhere I can see what quests I have open and what I have finished? And what the directions are? I started collecting quests and now I can't remember what I have to do and of course the chat doesn't load after I close the game and come back. I also accidentally handed my sword to an armor stand and can't get it back, lol.
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