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✥ The Ᵽlentonian Ħouse ✥ | My contest entry | 13th Place |

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✥ The Ᵽlentonian Ħouse ✥ | My contest entry | 13th Place | Minecraft Map✥ The Ᵽlentonian Ħouse ✥ | My contest entry | 13th Place | Minecraft Map


✥ The Ᵽlentonian Ħouse ✥

How did we build this?

In this extraordinary new age space travel and space transport made it possible for us to colonize Plentonia and build beautiful Houses on it.

We've collected the best materials from all over our colonized planets to build this stable cosy modernish house.

Plentonia itself

Plentonia is an earthlike planet that we've made habitable by making this artificial atmosphere to mimic Earth's Conditions
Because of this it is possible for our wildlife such as us Human beings to survive without any problem.

You will only have to adapt to the beautiful nature of this planet!

Plentonian House

This might be your biggest chance ever to live on a colonized planet
This House is made out of the best materials that humans know
and is cheap for a space house.
The house is made for a family of 5 (preferable 3 children and 2 adults )

The house Exists out of a

Guest Living room with a little kitchen to cook small things for the guests
Terrace for you to enjoy the beautiful sunrise which is absolutely stunning on Plentonia
Gaming room with a freezer to keep your cans cold
Laundry room
Storage room
Work room
Big room with piano
Chilling room
Dining room
1 Bathroom and 2 private bathrooms
4 bedrooms among with 1 Kids room 2 bigger rooms and one Master bedroom
Swimming pool with view inside and a beautiful view outside when u leave the pool
❦ and a lots of space for you to fill in yourself

And all of this for only 1 million $

You might still think that's a lot but this includes a space bus for transport on the planet
but you can't expect space travel itself to be very cheap so keep that in mind.

The house offers a big variety of places to relax
for example you can enjoy

- Sunrise on the terrace on the first floor
- Sunset on the balcony on the second floor
- And many other spaces just to chill out

✣ What style is the Plentonian House

This house is architected by Froggy, a famous architect here on plentonia.

so we will quote his words

"I personally would call this a modernish build yet I added my own twist to make it a bit more unique.
When creating this house I wanted to create something new, something we haven't seen before here on Plentonia.
To do this I went on many walks through our nature until I found a perfect spot for this house and I started creating
and designing it and then the Idea of The Ᵽlentonian Ħouse came in my head."

✣ Secret room

I made a secret room for you to find. ;)
Make sure to comment the secret code if you found it.

I included one secret picture for u as a hint (the last image)
and also here is another hint; It's closer to your finger than you might think.

Good luck on finding it <3


Stepping aside from my role as the Famous architect on Plentonia I'd like to talk about my experiences as Froggy on Minecraft

This was the first time that I've built a big structure.
because I usually just stick to terraforming.
I wanted to do something different because that is something I aspire to do (make unique stuff)

I also wanted to challenge myself by taking on my first ever contest on PMC
and that being a structure contest was the challenge

Now that I've finished the whole project that I've been working on for quite some time I'm really happy with the result.

The Build

I started by making the base of the house after I made some front terrain.
Then as I just made the first exterior floor, I added the terrain to fit in
(I know I should've done the terrain first so that's something I'll learn from)

then I just started building up making the House.

I made the build based on this reference picture.

✥ The Ᵽlentonian Ħouse ✥ | My contest entry | 13th Place | Minecraft Map


I made this build on Aeva on a private world

If you'd like to come and have a look at our server here's the IP
I will bring this build to a plot when the contest is over. ;)

Also the planet from the first image is made by me and I'll maybe make a post for it but not sure yet.

Special thanks to Lord_Therd for the render of my House!

Alrighty that's it for me Hope u guys enjoyed it and have a nice day. ;)


Green Heart on Google Android 7.1 🐸

Progress100% complete

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Secret code is 'Froge'
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