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The Overworld Realms; Α Minecraft Project

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Bedrock Edition
ArgosLV avatar ArgosLV
Level 24 : Expert Architect
4th Place


What if each part of the Overworld could tell us a story? Maybe explain to us how it sees itself! Well, blocks are not the most talkative things in existance, nonetheless the idea is still there. The Overworld is a vast place, featuring an array of different places and unique biomes for us to explore. Sadly our budget can't support a worldwide expedition, however what about something smaller! In fact what about the basic unit of the cubic world we call home... No, Jerry I am not talking about the blocks...Yeah i know that they are the base of everything, bu.... OK! Let's explore the Minecraft Chunk, dividing it to four distinct parts and representing each one of them with a build!
Now who would be crazy enough to do such a thing hmmm... Oh come on you know it's me, thats why you are here!

The Overworld Realms; Α Minecraft Project Minecraft Map

The Deep
Oh the lovely Deep, absolutely charming! No, I am kidding it's terrifying. It's the darkest part of each world, packed with secrets and whispers. Shhhhh they will hear you! Monsters, witches and everything mysterious and appalling lurks down here, in these very chambers. Caves, dungeons and all sorts of ancient structures await us, but the rewards are just priceless... I guess we are all a bit masochists or little adventurers wainting for the right opportunity to shine light on the abyss. Your choice.

The Overworld Realms; Α Minecraft Project Minecraft Map
The Overworld Realms; Α Minecraft Project Minecraft Map

Yeah I don't have much to say about that part really, it's rather dull and uninteresting, just a bunch of stones. Well arguably it supports the grassy top, where I like to build on (Grass! Hence the green details and roof). I guess you are kind of right Jerry, it also has ores hidden within it. And plenty of building materials. And diamonds (Although they are not that useful anymore, now are they...). And yes I do like building underground bases a lot. Ok ok fine the Rocks are a substantial part of the overworld, sturdy and robust. Well at least way more substantial than my writing skills, but without further ado I present you the core of the materially part of the Overworld!

The Surface

Well now we are talking buisness! The Surface! The begining of every minecraft world. It's where we cut our first tree, saw our first sheep, only to murder it with our bare fists a few moments later! Or burn it, push it off a cliff, shoot it with an arrow... you pick the way! However, less morbid than that are our builds (well definitely not yours Jerry) gradually evolving over time. The fact that a community, with just a few blocks at its disposal, can create such astonishing masterpieces its really moving. And as I despise emontional things I dedicate this part to the player and divide it in 2; from the humblest build (as a house in this Mediterranean little village) to our most ambitious projects (represented by this Keep). Let's never stop exploring the unknown boundaries of this endless world of possiblities.

Mediterranean village
A little village inspired by ones you can find along the sores of the Mediterranean sea. Colourful houses packed one next to the other, with a lot of greenery and colours wherever you look. A place I call home and a place that I hope to help you see via these small blocks, that mean so many things to so many people. I got emotional again, didn't I? Anyways enjoy...

The Keep
A clay and brick Keep following the same Mediterranean style. From its base up to its towers, it represents the strong ambition of each player, a need to create and establish its presence. Be sure to enjoy a walk at its lovely little courtyard! Its amazing what you can fit inside a 16 by 16 area...

And around here our journey reaches it's end. We have spent all our budget and unfortunatelly we can't go on. Ok stop it, you know that I am joking obviously. But there is another reason why we have to stop here, as in front of us lays the Ether, or as i like to call it the future. We don't know what hides behind this cosmic veil, we can only sit and ponder about it. We imagine, make plans and eventually this distant future becomes our present. And that's what the Ether is; just a sketch, an idea about this world built in clouds, that seems so elegant at first, but also freightening, since it can collapse in front of our eyes. So as an advice don't build on clouds. The burocracy is tremendous! Kidding aside never... stop following your Ether.

The Overworld Realms
A project by

Thank you ever so much for your time and I would like to wish the best to my fellow contestants! This is a build constructed entirely by myself (including the editing, style and logos presented here) in Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Android 1.16 (so the world files were designed for this version I presume) , with all the limitations tha accompany this version (slower performance, lower render distance, occasional lag etc), nonetheless this one chunk limitatation offered a wonderful challenge and an oportunity to push my limits. As a sidenote, even though I tried to download the contest map - probably due to my platform - I couldnt install it succesfully. Nonetheless, the project is built on a basic superflat world and it reaches the height of 255 blocks. Also originally I thought to continue the build to a chunk in the nether and end - a sort of one cosmic chunk - but figured out it would be kind of against the rules... I thank you for accompanying me through this journey and I hope to see you soon! Leave a comment or even a diamond if you enjoyed my build!

P.S. Minecraft is way more than just a game, never forget that...

Argos LV
Progress100% complete

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10/24/2020 2:24 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy avatar
Quite the inner monologue about the build. Nicely made fellow contestant!
10/24/2020 4:36 am
Level 24 : Expert Architect
ArgosLV avatar
Without a purpose a build is just blocks ; ). Its unique because it has its own story, just like any other building!
10/23/2020 4:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Midnight_Adventurer avatar
The time this must have taken... A great concept and a breathtaking execution. Well done
10/23/2020 4:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Have a good day123
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