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"The Rakromyians at Notch's Mercy" - The Barbarians are coming ! Project Contest #12

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"The Rakromyians at Notch's Mercy" - The Barbarians are coming !  Project Contest  #12 Minecraft Map

Script of the Map
I called my friend to defend our land. Barbarians came from no where and sacked the verdant valley. They are many, strong and using hideous weaponry. We could not fight by ourselves so my friend came with allies from his Notch's world, changed by the magic of the portal they crossed. Their power have been deployed and their appearance was different. They raised in front of the invaders and the green land which was so peaceful became a dark battlefield under bloody rivers.

Now, giant creatures fight on our side, a ghost of fire, a bull apparently from the Mythology, a bloodthirsty bat, a massive wolf and skull with a spider body. All here even if they were once our enemies, they defend their land of cubes and squares with us. But the fight is not over, future is uncertain.

So I summon you Elements. Fire, Water, Air and Earth, help us for we need your power
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"The Rakromyians at Notch's Mercy" - The Barbarians are coming !  Project Contest  #12 Minecraft Map
"The Rakromyians at Notch's Mercy" - The Barbarians are coming !  Project Contest  #12 Minecraft Map

Behind the Scenes
We were thinking about a cool concept for the map, with more discussions between us the idea to confront two completly different world. One come almost from the real world, like the barbarians of the Middle Age. The other side comes from the world that we know so well, the world of Notch : Minecraft.

This idea stuck perfectly well with the plot of the contest. Steve comes from the basic skin of minecraft, aka "The Mexican", and steve has recently a new friend called Alex, the second skin of minecraft. At this point you just made the bind between Steve who need to defend his friend and Alex.

Then we came up with the idea to give to Alex a more important role in the map, we had also the feeling to make something in the center of the map. This two thoughts together we decide to make a temple where Alex will pray the elements. Those elements will be summon in the battlefield to fight the barbarians too. At the end the temple with the village nearby made just one, The Alex's house not in the village butin the high of a mountain where the barbarians can't reach.

Alex is protected by the forcefield invoqued by the divinities, making a large intouchable wall expanding over Alex and the temple.
This project was built from many NewHeaven builders :

Builders :

- Dragocraft
- Boorizz
- TheMrPinguin
- Nohomad
- Azerogue
- Elgringau
- Lucacahuette
- Hunterwolf
- Bobely
- Kaosriper
- Dedelush
- Smilz
- Flezo
- Speedrus

Helpers :

- MrSmith
- Tyzehology

Also big thanks to Droolie and Iskillia for their renders. And Scriptiones for the beautiful RP !
Terms of Use
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Thanks for reading the post, hope you like if it is the case don't forget to let a diamond !

CreditNewHeavenMc, Wuxa, Iskillia, Scriptiones
Progress100% complete

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07/12/2018 8:16 pm
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Ddddead Ddddownload link.... Please fix!
09/06/2016 8:49 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Miner
_kernelpanik_'s Avatar
Ho usato questa mappa sul mio server.. Dove posso donare?
06/09/2016 11:18 am
Level 43 : Master Artist
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06/09/2016 6:22 am
Level 40 : Master Architect
YyUi_'s Avatar
Narnian Dryad
06/07/2016 7:51 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Warrior
Narnian Dryad's Avatar
.... Wow... this is amazing....
06/06/2016 4:16 am
Level 38 : Artisan Princess
nymphaela's Avatar
Suprisingly one of the few builds that actually hit the theme on point, good luck :)
06/08/2016 11:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Speedrus's Avatar
Thanks ! :)
06/05/2016 9:27 am
Level 39 : Artisan Ladybug
nannehessel's Avatar
Goodjob my friends from NewHeaven (if u still remember me), Bien!
06/08/2016 8:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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I remember ! :)
06/08/2016 8:51 am
Level 39 : Artisan Ladybug
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yay =)
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