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Perhaps the most prestigious and grand architectural monument at Tikal is temple IV. It was built in the mid 8th century by king Yihk'in Chan K'awiil, likely as a testament of Tikal's renewed power after the defeat of rival Calakmul in 735/736 AD and a Calakmul ally, El Peru. Not wanting to be outcompeted by his father Jasaw Chan K'awiil, Yihk'in set out on a building spree and created one of the tallest pyramids in the western hemisphere, with a total height of approximately 65 metres. It measures 88x65 metres at the base, and was itself built on a large man-made platform in the western sector of the city core. While there is still a lot of uncertainty, as no evidence has yet been found, archaeologists think that the pyramid may be Yik'in's funerary monument, and that he must be buried somewhere inside.
Another famous monument is Lintel 3, which was part of the entranceway of the summit temple. The image shows a seated Yihk'in Chan K'awiil holding a ceremonial(?) staff and a mosaic headdress in the shape of a death god.

NB: As with al my projects, a 100% perfect reconstruction is impossible. I kept to the original dimensions as best as possible, but the colours, although accurate in the sense that most Maya buildings were painted in bright colours, mostly red, are my speculation and artistic freedom.

Schematic now available for download. Use it in your world, alter it, blow it up. In other words, have fun with it!
I am not a seeker of fame, but please, one MC builder to another, give credit where credit is due.
Thank you
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Update #3 : by Shalis Morthanien 08/22/2021 4:39:21 amAug 22nd, 2021

Just refreshed this build as a small side project. Schematic has been updated as well.

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que kapo que eres bro
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looks nice ;)
Shalis Morthanien
06/08/2017 12:12 pm
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Late reply, but thanks!