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Timeless Elven City - Elen'Dyan

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"Amidst enchanted trees and glittering creeks slender towers veiled in blue arise.
Cheerfullness and harmony invelop this timeless place where charming melodies resound.
For aeons now a folk lives here, that seeks enlightment in eternity."

Elrâ'na Chanty

- Pearl of Dol Ered Lan -
Timeless Elven City - Elen'Dyan Minecraft Map
Near the sacred elven river Aman'Thar - The River of Tears - a huge mountainside circles from the balathorian tail. It merges with a western ridge and forms a mesmerizing, hidden vale inside:
Dol Ered'Lan - The Vale of FlowersCovered in ancient woods only the Elrâ'na know the mystic paths through it. Ressourceful wanders might find a glittering creek which leads through green hedhes along by high cliffs.In the end he will be rewarded by having found the entrance to a timeless, marvellous Elven City covered in sore towers as trees:

Elen'Dyan is our first massive elven structure. We are very proud of combining new ideas with the possibilities the texturepack of Conquest gives us.
Built by Heratron & TheRisen13

ForgottenRealms by the ForgottenRealmsTeam is procted under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial
NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Timeless Elven City - Elen'Dyan Minecraft Map
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Update #1 : by ForgottenRealmsTeam 04/25/2017 9:29:59 amApr 25th, 2017

The texturepack is a fusion between conquest, ardacraft and our own ideas!

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Snow Ashe
02/05/2018 7:31 pm
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Can I use this on my server?
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