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U.S.S Enterprise (Kelvin Timeline | Custom Interior)

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stoatsnhoney's Avatar stoatsnhoney
Level 26 : Expert Explorer
*This map is no longer being updated!*

Space, the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the minecart Enterprise,
Her ongoing mission:
To explore strange new biomes,
To seek out new mobs and new villages,
To boldly mine where no one has mined before.

Based off the Kelvin Timeline U.S.S. Enterprise, this map features a custom interior for the exterior of pokedude809's Refit U.S.S. Enterprise shell (www.planetminecraft.com/project/star-trek-ships-of-the-kelvin-timeline-no-interiors-version/). The interior is slightly based off the Kelvin Timeline Enterprise but is my own design for the most part. So far it's mainly just the bridge, Captain's quarters and office, the conference room, the turbo plaza, mess hall, some crew quarters, sick bay, astrometric, some currently non-functional holodecks, and a transporter room, but still much work to do.

New feature: This map is now "open" meaning I am letting anyone add rooms to it. You can build your own interior section to the ship, post a download to your revised ship in the comments or PM me, and I might (most likely will) use it. I might make minor changes but for the most part I will keep what you built. If you build something and give me a download so I can add it to the map I will name an officer quarter after you. For example, if your username is "Steve" and you build something for the ship, I will rename an officer quarter to read "Steve's Quarters". Anyone can add to the ship, but there are some guidelines:
  • Build only on decks four to eleven in the saucer section
  • Keep the same design as the rest of the ship
  • Do not destroy any previously built rooms
  • Do not put anything innapropriate in the rooms, nor use swear words on signs
  • Use the mods used in the rest of the ship to keep furniture design consistant
  • Do not use any extra mods
  • (Optional) Try to not just build one room, but build a small section at least (or as big a section as you'd like). For example, if you build a science lab use MCEdit or any program (or just /clone) to duplicate it down a long hallway.

Note: Uses the MineTrek resource pack (minetrek4.weebly.com)

Mods used:

I highly recommend Optifine to make things run smoothly.

Note: All mods are required otherwise furniture will not appear, tubolifts will not work, and/or some blocks will be missing.

Another note: I will soon be removing the mods CLib and Up and Down and All Around from the map to make it run faster for slower computers. Less mods equals faster map, and this map is going to be pretty big when it's done so it's best I trim down mods.
Progress10% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 | The Open-Sourced Update : by stoatsnhoney 03/27/2018 10:10:31 pmMar 27th, 2018

Minor changes to fix crew quarters, main bridge, etc.
Science labs added
Holodecks improved (soon to be functional)
Project Opened Up to the Public

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11/12/2020 6:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
yewfew's Avatar
The resource pack doesn't exist
04/27/2020 7:41 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
HeyoRyo's Avatar
Hey, I'm pretty new to modding, and I know this post was made a while ago. I'm having trouble with matter overdrive on this map. The link to the mod is broken, but I was able to look it up and find it no big deal. But now it says I have missing entries. This might sound like a stupid question, but what version of Matter Overdrive should I use, or how do I solve these missing entries?
05/16/2020 5:11 pm
Level 26 : Expert Explorer
stoatsnhoney's Avatar
Hey, sorry for the late reply! I haven't been on Planet Minecraft in months and luckily I decided to come back before too long had passed. To answer your question, I just downloaded the map myself for the first time in like two years. I had to find all the mods since my links don't work anymore but try downloading the mods from these links:

I downloaded the latest 1.12.2 version of the mod for each one.

And. you'll need the MineTrek resource pack!
10/02/2018 7:25 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
TheWhovian2018's Avatar
Up and Down kinda crashes my MC before the game loads to main menu, is it ok for me not to use it?
12/14/2018 1:21 am
Level 26 : Expert Explorer
stoatsnhoney's Avatar
Sorry for a late reply (two months late...) but Up and Down is not yet vital to the map. The map is kinda dead now because I got out of Minecraft for a while... So sure go ahead without Up and Down is was only used in the brig so far on the lowest deck of the saucer section!
08/28/2018 4:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
TommyAndYT's Avatar
08/30/2018 11:06 am
Level 26 : Expert Explorer
stoatsnhoney's Avatar
Sorry I thought I had added that!
05/19/2018 1:45 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Davianio101's Avatar
I built my own room but it's not allowing me to give you the download. Can you just build me a room and call it Davianio's or something.
06/06/2018 8:00 pm
Level 26 : Expert Explorer
stoatsnhoney's Avatar
You've tried different download links like MediaFire?

I can't build you a room unless you contribute and I receive something for the build sorry :/ because then anyone could just say they did but couldn't get me the download and so I'm not saying I don't believe you, I do because I doubt someone would lie just to get their name in my build, but I need the download to whatever you built.

What is it you built? I'm curious :D
07/30/2018 4:41 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Davianio101's Avatar
I started working on an R and D room that I was planning to expand on. I started putting in tables and little "containers" that held different plants and materials.

I will work on trying to get the download to you.
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