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Republic of Union Islands 2022 - Realistic Country in Minecraft + Updated Download Link

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This map is now available for both Java and Bedrock Edition! =D

This is just 20% complete so expect more updates to come. It could take 6 years or more to finish.
December 2012 - (I dunno, LOL)

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Republic of Union Islands 2022 - Realistic Country in Minecraft + Updated Download Link Minecraft Map

Map Renders By Nicky_Troll 123:
Republic of Union Islands 2022 - Realistic Country in Minecraft + Updated Download Link Minecraft Map
Republic of Union Islands 2022 - Realistic Country in Minecraft + Updated Download Link Minecraft Map


You can view and download a variety of cartographic map files for free on my Patreon.

*I can't place all of the cartographic maps on this page as it is too large and hard to adjust. It also disappears on this page sometimes because of its size.*

Planned Map Layout, Borders, and Locations


Capital City of Montana (Central Station): -324 66 455.474
Stratford City: -126 68 1759
St Joseph: 1234 66 1478
St Claire: 2532 59 1062
Pesca: 2124 73 -1095
Aldea del Valle: 783 78 -434
Reino de Cristo: 8 66 -108
Innenstadt: -738 65 -64
Hochburg: -1139 64 672
Kingston: -742 68 1406
Cliffside Home: -1046 140.5 -3168

Government Type: Federal Republic
Subdivisions: 5 States and 1 Federal Region : Metro Montana
Official Languages: Chavacano, English
Recognised Regional Languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, Karatakan (native)
Religion: Christianity 95%, Islam 4.2%, others 0.8%
Demonym: Karataki (Male)/ Karatana (Female)

Administrative Divisions:
- District
- Barrio/Village
- District
- Barrio/Village
Independent City (State Capital)
- District
- Administrative District
Federal Region
Capital City
- District
- District
- Barrio/Village

Colonial Period:
Republic of Union Islands is a country located at the northeast of New Zealand, in an alternate universe where Ferdinand Magellan first landed on the island of Karubattan(now the Province of Catalina) in 1521 before discovering the Southeast Asian subcontinent.

It became a colony of Spain from 1521 until 1762 when the British took over in the "Battle of Cordillera."

In December 1521, the city of Intramuros in the Province of Real was established as the new capital.

In 1768, it was discovered that gold reserves were abundant in the island chain which lead to the other European powers (Germany, Netherlands, France, and Italy) to take over parts of the archipelago.

In 1802, inspired by the French Revolution, a Revolutionary Government was formed in La Campagne, Orleans known as "République Travailleur de La Campagne" (Workers Republic of La Campagne) led by Jose Roman Santiago, which started the revolution in the 5th of May, 1809 - 14th of April 1823.

The Revolutionary Government took control of the northern part of the archipelago, helped by the Dutch expeditionary forces to take over the islands of Lamik(mainland Neueburg) and Habbat(province of Adelaide) in the northwest of the archipelago which finally ended the Spanish and French control of the area.

The revolution divided the archipelago into two different territories, the northern part controlled by the Revolutionary Government and the southern part controlled by the British.

In 1857-1866, civil war broke between the Northern and Southern Territories known as the Battle of Montana which lasted 9 years. The Northerners pushed the Southerners backed by the British Empire into the city of Stratford where the British took hold in Fort Lopez, until the Ceasefire between the two parties was declared. They signed the Treaty of London in 1867 and started a new Republic "Federated States of La Union." The war torn plains of Montana was redeveloped into a new Capital.

In 1872, "Region Federal Nacional was established occupying areas near the Great Lakes of Antiguo, Achrann, Trois Monde, and Corriendo.

In 1896, the German Empire bought the Island of Lamik and a few ports in the South Neueburg (now the City of Wartburg.

La Union has experienced a great economic progress from 1872-1912 due to its Gold and Oil reserves being abundant. It was nicknamed as "The Gateway to the Pacific" for its strategic location.

World War 1:
The Karatakan Civil War of 1915-1921 (Karatakan Island)

Post World War 2:
La Union has regained its economic strength after the 1st World War. Motorway 1, which traverses from the City of Portsmouth going through Region Federal Nacional into the Cities of Montreal and New Montana, was built in 1931 due to the influx of car imports in the region. Several road networks were developed after including an airport in the south of the capital (Roman Santiago International Airport).

World War 2:
In 1942, the Japanese invaded the archipelago. It was until 1945 when the Japanese were pushed back by the La Union Defense Force together with the 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

Post World War 2/Dictatorship Period:
In 1945, a new Government was formed lead by Fernando Mariano(1912-1989) from Partido Obrero de La Union (Workers' Party of the Union). He stayed in power for 42 years (1945-1987) and ruled the archipelago under a dictatorship. San Antonio in the Province of Rio Grande was established as the New Capital in 1955 where the New Government Complex was Built. Due to corruption, Foreign loans increased, as well as the inflation and the La Union Peso has lost its value.

Post Dictatorship:
In 1987, civil war broke between the rebels "New Karatakan Rebel Army" and the Military. Due to public outcry, the dictator was overthrown and exiled to Guam. He died in September 11, 1989.

The Capital was moved back to Ciudad Capital de Montana in 1988.

La Union has slowly gained its economic power in the 90's where Ciudad Capital de Montana and its neighbouring cities were redeveloped.

The economy has been steadily increasing for the past few years and continuous development of cities into eco-friendly environments are evident. Even with the modern buildings sprawled around the country, marks of the past through architectural preservation efforts were made which is why there is a mix of Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Victorian, French, Soviet, and Native Karatakan architecture that are still surviving to this day in the different regions of the country.


Región Federal Nacional
- City of Montana 90% Complete (Ciudad Capital de Montana)
  (Poblacion, Lakeview, Uptown, Midtown, Nueva Montana, Government Plaza, City Subdivision, Montana Esplanades, San Jose, Chinatown)

- City of Stratford 50% Complete
  (Poblacion, Easton, Little Italy, Little Amsterdam, Kiefer Island, Lopez, Stratford Yards)
- Heet Island 0% Complete
- Bristol 10% Complete
  (Port Area)
- Kinsey 0% Complete
- Kingston 30% Complete
  (St. Francis Hill, Parque de la Libertad, Centro, Puerto Nuevo)
- Urdaneta 20% Complete
  (Universidad de La Union, La Parliamentaria, Magallanes, San Jose del Pradera)
- Centro Federal 5% Complete
- Montana Ports Authority 5%
- Montana Occidental 10% Complete
  (Montana International Airport, Zona Interior, Rio Grande, Laguna)

State of Montana (Spanish)
New Montana (Capital) 0% Complete

Province of Cordillera
- City of Cordillera 0% Complete *Capital*
- Aldea del Valle 70% Complete
- Reino De Cristo 100% Complete
- Pesca 70% Complete

Province of Real
- Intramuros 0% Complete *Capital*
- San Juan 0% Complete
- San Pablo 0% Complete
- Fortaleza 0% Complete
- La Paz 0% Complete
- Santiago 0% Complete

Province of Catalina
- San Fernando 0% Complete *Capital*
- San Marino 0% Complete
- Castillejos 0% Complete
- Natividad 0% Complete
State of Neueburg (German & Dutch)
- City of Verborgen (Capital) 0% Complete

Province of South Neueburg
- City of Bismarck 0% Complete *Capital*
- Hochburg 70% Complete
- City of Innenstadt 50% Complete
- Ravenholm 0% Complete
- Nuvaals 25% Complete

Province of Neuheim
- New Brandenburg 0% Complete *Capital*
- City of Linden 0% Complete
- Adelaide 0% Complete
State of Orleans (French)
- Montreal (Capital) )0% Complete

Province of Montagne

- Beaumont 20% Complete *Capital*
- Saint Joseph 100% Complete
- Saint Claire 100% Complete
- Maryland 20% Complete

Province of Côte de l'orient
- Louisville 0% Complete *Capital*
- Eastwood City 0% Complete
- Sorciere des Marais 0% Complete
- Belleville 0% Complete

Province of la Campagne
- St. Hilaire 0% Complete *Capital*
- Millbourg 0% Complete
- Brennus 0% Complete
- Turenne 0% Complete
State of Victoria (British)
- Portsmouth (Capital) 0% Complete

Province of Hawkwoodshire
- Chester City 0% Complete *Capital*
- Manfield 0% Complete
- Houston 5% Complete
- Carlton 0% Complete
- Braxton 0% Complete
- Westport 0% Complete

Province of Anne
- Yorktown 0% Complete *Capital*
- Newport 0% Complete
- Brandon 0% Complete
- Ashford 0% Complete

Province of Williamshire
- Remington 0% Complete *Capital*
- Winchester 0% Complete
- Bradford 0% Complete
- Bungee 0% Complete
- Cambria 0% Complete
State of Dramhail (Independent)
- San Carlos (Capital) 0% Complete

Province of Oro
- Gold Point 0% Complete *Capital*
- Glass Town 0% Complete
- Black Mesa 0% Complete
- Military Base 0% Complete

Province of Costa Occidental
- Westwood City 0% Complete *Capital*
- Deadwood 0% Complete
- Abelardo 0% Complete

Province of Rio Grande
- San Antonio 0% Complete *Capital*
- Esperanto 0% Complete
- Santa Fe 0% Complete

30% Urban
30% Rural
40% Natural

- Lake Corriendo - Located at the northern part of Reino de Cristo
- Lake Achrann - Located at the north of Victoria
- Lake de Trois Monde - Located at the Middle of Montana, Victoria and Orleans
- Lago Antiguo - Located at the middle of Montana and the Island of Innenstadt
- Lake Verborgen - Located at the middle of Nordwestlich
- Lake Superior - Located at the northern part of Montana
- Verbond - Largest Island
- Dramhail - Desert Island
- Innenstadt Island
- Zuiden Island
- Fern Island
- Heet Island
- Kiefer Island
- Nordwestlich Island
Mountains Ranges
- Sierra Madre
- Cordillera
- Nördliche Bergkette
- Rio Grande
- Río Helado

City of Montana Trailer

Woodland Cottage

Northern Dam

Amusement Park

360° video by MusicTechnician (*Old)

Specifications for Java Edition:
-Compatible with Java 1.12.2 and higher

-Looks better with: FlowsHD Resource Pack
-SEUS Ultra Shaderpack
Specifications for Bedrock Edition:
-Please use the latest version to ensure that the map is compatible (I haven't tested it as I currently do not own Bedrock Edition. Please let me know if you encounter any problem. Thanks! =D)

If you want to use this for other purposes ex. YouTube Videos or other stuff then feel free to do so but credit me for my work.
If you also wanted to have a tour of this map, you could invite me to your server containing this map and mess around in it.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/fredericojuan
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/FredMcWaffe

The City of Montana: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/city-of-montana/
The City of Stratford: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/stratford-city/
Old City of Innenstadt: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/innenstadt---old-walled-city/
Old City of Reino de Cristo: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/invalid-kingdom/

Lentebriesje: Custom Tree Repository
Zerpen 7: [​EPIC TREES] Huge trees pack / repository
Eremilion: V1-TREE SHEMATICS-European and mangrove trees
exsilit: Tree Bundle (370 custom trees)

Jeracraft - Custom Brushes for World Painter
CG777 - References for Electrical Supply System
Jon "IGPixelIce" - Interior Design Ideas
My Mum - other Ideas
My Dad - moral support
Developers of World Edit, World Painter, and MC Edit
Invalid Group, CybertraxMC and Cookmefood for Their Support

Please read the Update Logs!
Note: The download link is now updated for 2022 Underground and Interiors Update!!!

Diamond and Favourite if you like this project!!!
Feedback is always appreciated. =D

Creative Commons License
Republic of Union Islands by Frederick Tacla is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
CreditLentebriesje, Jeracraft, Jon, My Mum, My Dad, World Edit, World Painter, MC Edit, CybertraxMC, Cookmefood
Progress20% complete

57 Update Logs

Minor Update #57 - 3rd Release : by IG-FredMcWaffe 12/01/2022 8:26:57 amDec 1st

- Almost done filling up the city blocks in Innenstadt
- Addition of Kingston City Convention Centre
- Added housing and apartment units in Kingston City
- Added street lamps and trees in Kingston City

You can support me on Patreon for early access, more updates, and images! =D

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Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and good luck on your final paper.
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Thanks m8! =D

Been working on it for several months and got delayed because of my anxiety attacks. I'm really happy that I sought help from our Univ's mental health services and got myself on the right track again. Also, I can work on my map again even with the schedule that I have right now. =D
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Thanks m8!

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06/18/2022 7:50 pm
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Great map. I would recommend adding teleports to the train stations (that lead to the connected train stations)— or remove the block trains on the tracks so the tracks can actually be used to get around.
06/19/2022 5:56 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Architect
IG-FredMcWaffe avatar
It's hard to decide which one I should use because I wanted to see the city have a bit of "life" in it by adding a few vehicles such as ships and trains. But I also wish the rail network to be used so that the player can "experience" the city while traveling great distances. LOL

Maybe I can just put the trains in maintenance depots so that I can provide both fast and slow travel hmm

Thanks for the suggestion m8!
06/05/2022 9:46 am
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Uncle Wit
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Yooooo Nice Project Brother
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