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Vazion Nova-class bomber

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Programs used:
Minecraft (for building)
Mcedit (for building)
Blender (for renders)
Paint.net (for pictures)

Technical Specifications
Vazion Nova-class bomber Minecraft Map

Vazion Nova-class bomber Minecraft Map

Vazion Nova-class bomber Minecraft Map

The Vazion Nova-class was an advanced single-seat bomber designed by Senirila Starships as an updated Vazion Shoa-class, making use of advanced materials, composites, and technologies developed by Syvatii Unlimited and other GACIAF organizations using Shadow Fleet technology. The Nova-class originally was intended to utilize the same base hull as the Shoa-class, but the massive shift in technological capabilities and new systems that GACIAF required the new bomber to make use of necessitated a completely new design, although the shape and layout of major features remained similar. The design was made under a contract with Senirila Starships as part of GACIAF's Armed Forces Equipment Modernization Initiative, or AFEMI, a combination of internal legislation and procurement contracts similar to the CACS program that GACIAF established in the 48,500s in response to early Shadow Fleet attacks. Senirila Starships was given significantly more funding from the administration for development of the Nova-class, as well as access to engineering data and hardware from Syvatii Unlimited to design the new Vazion bomber. A team of the GACIAF company's design engineers and some management staff from Setda Leith Station was assigned to assist Senirila's employees on site in Sythal I, as well to ensure Syvatii proprietary information and CUI was not leaked. Development took almost 35 years, beginning in late 48,745 ACT and concluding in the first month of 48,780 ACT. There would be additional delays in completing initial production orders for GACIAF due to supply line disruptions from the Cesya, Tilapee, Permiaphes, and Kletan Shadow Fleets, all of which occurred during the 48,700s as the Vazion Shoa-class moved towards being decommissioned and manufacturing facilities were reconfigured for Vazion Nova-class production.

The Vazion Nova-class, although superficially similar to its predecessor, was significantly different in both capabilities and internal configuration. The strike craft used a single Syvatii PATIL 506t-Nac ion thruster for primary propulsion, with secondary 2n-301005 model thrusters as secondary propulsion. The smaller thrusters were positioned towards the edge of the design's main hull, increasing the effect when turning. With the drive system positioned along the vessel's centerline, unlike the Shoa-class, the Nova-class had two Sota Corporation-developed react or cores, which could both individually keep critical systems active if necessary. Internal ordnance storage and launcher systems were positioned closer to the cockpit to make space for the reactors, and thanks to advancements in weapons technology the Vazion Nova-class was able to be much more deadly while also being slimmer in some dimensions than the Shoa-class.

The Vazion Nova-class was equipped with twin standard laser cannons and twin CCEA/ax-b T6502 axial beam cannons in place of the Shoa-class' four light laser cannons. This gave the Nova-class additional flexibility in combat, with the heavier laser cannons able to put out consistent fire against light targets while the beam cannons could be used in short bursts for heavy damage against capital ships and stations, or to eliminate targets difficult to hit with laser fire. The latter was not an optimal use for the beam cannons though; with a 1.29E+16 Watt output for a total of 4.16 seconds before a 22.65 second cooldown, the Nova-class' beam cannons could cause significantly more damage than those of GACIAF strike craft like the Xexon Caon-class interceptor, but had a cooldown which prohibited effective use against agile targets. To take down hostile strike craft or other light ships, the Nova-class carried 120 GAEDS-I122-2 submatter missiles, which Syvatii designed with advanced navigation and sensor systems to allow the missiles to track targets past ECM and defensive fire independently or with assistance from the Nova's onboard computers. Against hard targets, the Nova-class carried 32 SIU T2200/2D submatter torpedoes. In both types of ordnance, the Nova-class could store 50% more than the Shoa-class.

The Vazion Nova-class was produced in greater quantities than the Shoa-class up to a few decades before the 49,100s, when it would be succeeded by the Vazion Totha-class. The ship was most often deployed from carriers, larger capital ships, and GACIAF bases. After the 48,800s, the Nova-class was supplemented in GACIAF's doctrine with the heavy Vesaathi HSB-4 strategic bomber, which would conduct long-range strike operations while the Vazion Nova-class was used in fleet actions alongside GACIAF naval units, where they could be escorted and supported by Xexons.

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