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West Tower, Liverpool

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Snaves's Avatar Snaves
Level 57 : Grandmaster Engineer
This is my entry for jduartemiller's 500 Sub Build Contest.
Update: 2nd Place

West Tower in Liverpool, England is a 40-story, 140m tall skyscraper by Aedas (architect) and Beetham (developer). It was completed in 2007. The first 5 floors serve as Beetham's headquarters. The 34th floor is the Panoramic restaurant, Britain's highest restaurant, offering sweeping views of the city and countryside. The remaining floors include 127 luxury apartments. The most notable feature of the West Tower is the randomized clear/opaque glazed curtain wall panel design. The lower offices facade is set back behind the concrete columns. The penthouses above the restaurant feature tiered terraces.

West Tower is the tallest building in Liverpool and 20th tallest in the UK. Aedas won the prize for best Mixed Use Development at the 4th Liverpool Daily Post Property Awards.

My build is slightly larger than real scale at 166m tall. The interior is fully furnished thanks to the actual apartment plans for the standard floors (link below).  I made educated guesses for the penthouse floor plans and only had to make up the office floor plans.

1. Wikipedia: general info
2. Beetham project page: developer site and apartment plan pdf

Textures: Faithful 32x32
Shaders: SEUS


All my projects are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
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Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Snaves 12/08/2014 10:57:14 amDec 8th, 2014

Just some small changes before the contest ends
including signs for navigation in the lobby

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12/07/2014 1:18 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Pegasus
TheWantedPig's Avatar
Nice job! Good luck on the contest
12/07/2014 3:56 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Engineer
Snaves's Avatar
Thanks! You too
12/07/2014 12:20 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy's Avatar
The exterior is ok.
However it is a shame you didn't put up more pictures of the interior and listed what kind of realism you added into this project.
- Having actual entrance doors.
- Besides liftshafts, inlcuding doors, also an actual emergency staircase system.
- "Fully" furnished. While staying true to it; restaurant, appartments and such.
The only "weird" thing with this build I have is that it feels like you made some inaccesable parts on floors.

Anyway great job on it and good luck although you're competition!
12/07/2014 3:52 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Engineer
Snaves's Avatar
I can add a couple more interior shots.
There are doors...? And stairs going from ground to roof...
There's only a couple inaccessable areas around the service entrance. They still have locked doors.
12/08/2014 2:27 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Lava Rider
eagoy's Avatar
I meant that I haven't seen these by the other contestants entries so far. Plus often skyscrapers are empty so I really like those details. And yes that include doors.
12/08/2014 11:02 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Engineer
Snaves's Avatar
Oh, I see. I misread your comment.  :)
I usually leave most of the floors blank myself, but finding some actual floor plans made it easy.
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