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Working Air Battleship: Royal Navy Goliath Reduced Lag Version

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Loraxe42's Avatar Loraxe42
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Engineer
This version has had all the heavy armor stripped away, removed the containment cells, and much of the lift. The effect is that it looks the same, all the weapons still work, but its no where near as sturdy. However, it is only 29k blocks as opposed to the original 54k blocks. So it is much less laggy when it moves. Although, its still pretty bad. I may update this and reduce the size further.

Like all of my warships, everything works. All the guns fire (its quite amazing to behold!), the turrets rotate, and the armor is effective. It flies using the Movecraft plugin. All the guns use standard Minecraft game mechanics, so even if you don't have Movecraft the guns will work.


The Goliath was built during the War of Aquisition. It provided a much needed morale boost for the struggling Kingdom of Lanier. It demonstrated that the Kingdom still had strength, and was an effective symbol of the Royal Navy's power. It was also a most capable vessel, holding the largest weapons and armor that had ever been devised up until that point.


Overview - All turrets can be rotated and fired from the Gunnery Bridge / Con Tower. They can also all be controlled indepentantly in the event centralized control is lost. Broadside and foreward firing fire guns / AA guns can also be fired from the Gunnery Bridge.

2 x Main Battery Turrets, 1 fore and 1 aft - Fires a staggering total of 28 TNT charges per turret. Range is essentially to the horizon. Minecraft cannot track a projectile any further away than what this shoots. Range is controlled by unloading propellent from the dispensers within the turret. Number of TNT projectiles and fuse duration is configurable by repeaters within the turret.

8 x Secondary Armament Turrets, 4 fore, 2 midships, 2 aft - Fires 2 TNT charges each. Range is less than the Destroyer Mk II main gun, but more than most other weapons. Range can be limited as desired by removing propellent from the dispensers within the turret. Fuse duration is configured by repeaters in the FCS control room.

79 x Fire Guns, 9 fore, 34 on each side, 2 aft - Used for fighter screening and shooting down enemy torpedoes. Also useful to set enemy warships ablaze once their armor is pierced by the cannons. 

Firing Arcs

Foreward - 1 Main and 6 Secondaries for a total volley of 40 TNT charges. 9 fire guns.

Broadside - 2 Mains and 4 Secondaries for a staggering total of 64 TNT charges. Thats right, an entire stack of TNT per shot. Ouch. Also 34 fire guns with a combined rate of fire of 20,000 rounds per minute.

Aft - 1 Main and 4 Secondaries for a total volley of 40 TNT charges plus 2 fire guns


Layered Advanced Armor - The upper 2/3 of the ships hull is protected by 4 layers of advanced armor. The armor is designed to deflect surface explosions away from the armor, minimizing explosive shell damage. This is only effective on explosions on the surface of the hull, but it still provides an important advantage in a firefight.

Fire Control System (FCS) - located bellow the gunnery bridge. From here you can control all the TNT cannons on the ship. You control which turrets are armed ("hot") by a board with a switch representing each TNT cannon. All hot weapons can then be fired by a singe button in either the FCS room or the gunnery bridge.

Gunnery Bridge - Elevated to give line of sight over the massive Main Battery, this would be where the Goliath is typically controlled during a fire fight.

Navigation Bridge  - At the bow of the ship, this is where you control the flight of the ship in day-to-day operations, as it gives greater visibility than the Gunnery Bridge.

Aft Bridge - typically only used during emergencies, the ship can also be navigated from here.

Fire Containment Cells - The Goliath is seperated into 8 Containment Cells, each seperated from the other by a Fire Partition (orange walls in the interior). The Con Tower is also protected by a Fire Partition. The goliath can still fly with with the complete destruction of any 2 Containment Cells. 

Interior spaces - The interior of the Goliath is fully furnished with officer quarters, crew quarters, a war room, a breifing room, seperate officer and crew mess halls, 2 engineering spaces, a bottom ramp and loading area, 4 ship magazines, and numerous other miscellaneous rooms and spaces.

Use these craft files for Movecraft, put them in the plugins\movecraft\types directory:  

To get Movecraft, use this link: 

Finally, if you need help setting up Movecraft, use this tutorial: 
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mr squidlles
04/23/2015 7:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
mr squidlles's Avatar
i have noticed something the royal navy  doesnt have a substantial aircraft carrier or aircraft for that matter which makes a little sense since they focus on battleships, but that being said how did the silver empire come out with the light cruiser which was a generation ,ahead litterally with the future proof cannons, around the time the navy came out with the mrk 2 destroyer with half the fire power 2/3 the fire power and only slightly better armor. i know im looking into this to much but id like to see at least a drastic difference in war ships because right now the royals would have lost in 1 month were it not for bellamy
04/23/2015 9:39 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Loraxe42's Avatar
Actually, the Destroyer Mk 2 came out before the light cruisers. The destroyers came out before episode 17, and the light cruisers came out during episode 19. 

I am taking a page from history somewhat here, where the country that invented aircraft (The Kingdom in the story, or the USA in history), actually ends up embarrassingly far behind the other nations by the time war breaks out. In the beginning of World War 2 US aircraft were bad with few exceptions, and in World War 1 they were so terrible they actually had to buy military aircraft from other nations to even have any that worked.

The story goes that the Kingdom had become complacent, relying too heavily on the White Missiles, and assuming that fear of annihilation would keep the peace forever. There is a lesson to be learned here for many modern countries.

Fortunately for the Royals, they were given the time to learn from their mistakes. It began with the Mk IIs, which were decent warships. Although I will grant that the Light Cruiser is a better pure ship to ship warship. But in the Mk IIIs you really see their ship designs come into their own. I would take a Corvette Mk III against a Light Cruiser any day, and it's a smaller vessel. Destroyer Mk III vs Light Cruiser is no contest at all.

Also, the Royals now have much better combat aircraft. The Falcon is an equal or better dogfighter than pretty much anything out there.
01/30/2015 9:02 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Engineer
keough99's Avatar
To reduce the lagg even further from the original design is make the movecraft plugin think that the goliath is small but its a large ship I've noticed a few plugins like movecraft use this
08/31/2014 8:18 pm
Level 28 : Expert Button Pusher
eab_'s Avatar
Hey, to reduce blocks even further, you might think about a forcefield. If you rapidly pulse tnt into a contained block of water, it will repel entities (tnt, fireballs, etc). It nearly negates the need for armor.
09/01/2014 2:24 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Loraxe42's Avatar
That is a very cool idea! I may have to figure out how to incorporate that in a future ship. It would be awefully expensive to operate, though. But it might buy you a few seconds of near invulnerability.
09/01/2014 4:35 pm
Level 28 : Expert Button Pusher
eab_'s Avatar
Well, if you hook it up to a burnout pulser, then it puts maybe 32 tnt into the water, so less expensive than a broadside from the Goliath by far. It isn't too hard to build, just a dispenser pointed into some water (i reccomend two blocks tall for the water) and surrounded by fences.
08/31/2014 6:42 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
FirmusPiett's Avatar
This is so cool - the working guns and functionality, the look of it, and this page is good too. The specifications are a very nice touch and the video was nice the way it bought the creation to life. Props, excellent submission.
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