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Zoom / speedsters in one command

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This is a one command creation, were you can become zoom in vanilla minecraft, but its done in a way never done before it uses a scoreboard system so there is no need to wear a suit as soon as you start running you will gain the powers, to deactivate the powers simply shift, on your keyboard.
There is also a advanced levelling system to become faster, it works off Xp so more Xp you have the faster you go when you get 10 xp you can access speed level 2, at 20 xp you can access speed level 3 how to activate these speeds is simply on your screen there will be a sidebar, this side bar will tell you how far you have ran this is reset, when you deactivate your powers, so to activate speed 2 you must run over 3000 with 10 xp, to activate speed 3 you must run over 6000 with 20 xp. this creation also adds a speed trail, this trail will be improved later down the line, I also plan on making a zoom and reserve flash version of this so stay tuned for that, and the achievement i am most happy with is this creation is MULTIPLAYER compatible, so enjoy beating up your friends as the speed demon

Just copy and paste whats in the note document to a command block and power it with redstone.

Check out my other project flash in one command the same thing but for the flash!


Is this compatible with flash in one command? Yes, it is

Is there any difference from the flash in one command? yes but its very minor just a different colour speedtrail


water running

step assist This update adds step assist, but im not to happy with how it works, you can go up grass and sand blocks when running, due to the way minecraft works it had to be like this, if you have a better way to do step assist please let me know.


throwing lighting if possible

more speed levels

friction system

Slow motion if possible
CreditI have to give credit to the people who helped me turn this into a one command Credit to gentlegiantJGC and Xafonyz
Progress25% complete

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