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Premium account only | Survival/Vanilla 1.19.2 | Economy | Creative | Builder | PVE/PVP |

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Peppe73 avatar Peppe73
Level 54 : Grandmaster Ranger
Premium account only | Survival/Vanilla 1.19.2 | Economy | Creative | Builder | PVE/PVP |
Status Online! Pinged: 08/18/22
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.19.2
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Premium account only | Survival/Vanilla 1.19.2 | Economy | Creative | Builder | PVE/PVP | Minecraft Server

Minecraft server accessible only to premium users, the server is divided into 3 worlds, Creative, Survival, and Farm " research of raw material " This last world will be reset periodically to restore the raw materials of the world, I have chosen these modes to play a large audience who like to create in peace, and survival for survival enthusiasts, you can create alliances or be alone be able to hide your most precious resources. We welcome serious users who do not create problems for anyone and respect the rules of the server, only users who want to play in peace. Builders can play and build peacefully on the Creative World where every creation will be protected, daily backups are performed, To keep your contribution even minimal and important, I will be able to continue to keep the project alive, and maybe organize prize events.


They are disabled:

-TNT of all kinds
-Any blast damage
-Damage from lava and fire and Water
-Wither not summonable
-And some blocks to avoid other unwanted Mob spowns. This world created for builders and for those who want to build, the creative world will never be reset and is preserved by the plugins listed below.

Protection plugin:

-Grief Prevention " you will be able to lend your properties and protect them "




Data pack:
Banner Flag " Banners can also be placed as flags "

Double inventory " It is always convenient to have 2 inventories "
Miner Helmet " Yes, you will have a miner's helmet with integrated light "


And a pure Vanilla as in the best survival ever, even here you can lend your property, and an "Economi" system is activated and you can sell and buy in the Shop created specifically. You can create as many Home as you want, you can start a minimum ownership limit, which will increase as you are present in the server, you do not lose the drop when you die.


Mondo Farm, this world is used only and exclusively to farm resources, it is periodically reset to regenerate resources.

Server ID: " mc.portalemc.it " add it to your favorite server list and enjoy.

Group Facebook: Portale MC
Paypal: Donazioni

Marmeladov for Ancient ruins
Riese for Castle Stahleck
RevenJoakimMc for Norwegian Gothic Cathedral

Thanks to:
Gurkis Creator of the Banner Flag package
lilita0814 Creator of the Double Inventory Pack e Miner Helmet
PauseKawa Data package for warp


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Update #8 : by Peppe73 08/11/2022 8:00:29 amAug 11th

Updated server to version 1.19.2 good game

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05/16/2022 7:11 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Ranger
Peppe73 avatar
Hi, I see many users enter and immediately exit, I would like to understand the reasons, what is wrong with the server? what do you expect to find in a vanilla server? and a common survival classic. I would like to understand your point of view, what are you looking for in a normal survival server?

In a gall log yesterday I read what a user wrote in chat who complained that he did not like and was going to look for a survival server !!! what is my server?

Please write here what in your opinion should be changed to make the server a true survival, I would like to understand what is wrong with my server that I don't like.
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