The legion clan server

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The legion clan server
Status Online! Pinged: 08/03/20
Game VersionMinecraft 1.2.5
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The Legion is looking for new members!
We are an original Battlefield clan, but our clan also includes other games. We currently have a Battlefield Heroes server, a Battlefield 3 server and a dedicated Minecraft server. We have 30+ daily members and our TeamSpeak server is always full. We are looking for more Minecraftians to expand the clan even more!

We highly value active, mature and loyal members! (This doesn't mean you have to be 18+, it does however mean you have to act mature)

Are you looking for a clan with diverse yet mature members? Apply now at our forums!

Our server!
Of course we want people to join the clan, but you dont have to be a member visit our server. You can come see what we got, do a few jobs and buy a house. You cant build or break anything though, we dont want any griefers. When you visit our server for the first time, you are asked to register with a password so your account is safe. When you have done that, you will be noticed you are the server rank 'Visitor'. As 'Visitor' you can play on our server, but you cant make use of all our usefull plugins and you cant play at night. We have added a curfew to prevent overnight griefing. Visitors cant visit during the time there are no moderators or admins online. But if you have played on the server for a long time and we trust you, you will be added to the server group 'Guest' so you can play on the server anytime you want. Or, you can apply at our forums and you will be added to the server group 'trial'. Once you are accepted you can benefit from all plugins, help and support we can offer you. Once you have applied you can read everything about the server and make suggestion here:

The Legion's Clan Server is a medieval roleplaying server. Earn money by doing jobs and trading, and become the richest bussenisman in town! We currently have 4 towns. You can buy houses in any town you want. Make your friends jealous by buying the best estates in town. Playing on our server gets rewarded. If you are going to leave the server, be sure to enter an ATM and collect the money you got for playing on our server. Inviting your friends also gets you rewarded. Once you have invited a decent amount of people to our server, you can get VIP status! If you like all this, apply at our forums and you can read the whole thread about this.

Server Rules:
o Respect all players.
o Dont steal from other players, or you get a temporary ban.
o Dont grief any buildings, or you get a permanent ban.
o Cheated items are not allowed. And they will be taken from you.
o Please respect the decisions from owners, admins or moderators. They can make mistakes, but they are there to make sure everything in the server organised, safe and fun to play.

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What do people think about our clan?
"A very interesting group of people in the Legion, from the old to the young, to the focused and the comical."
- SilverHawk

"The Legion is the place to be if you want to have a trustworthy team that knows how to play, but still has fun."
- Frutista

"Definitely worth your time to go apply on the forums and talk to some of the guys!"
- 7x70

o Our own forum and homepage
o Our very own TeamSpeak3 Server
o Lots of daily active members (all time zones)
o Clan wars, fun wars and events
o Our own Battlefield 3 server
o Our own Battlefield Heroes server
o Our own Minecraft server
o And much more benefits

Requirements to join:
o Must be able to speak decent English
o Must be active on our forums
o Must have teamspeak
o Must be an addition to our community
o Must know how to have fun with us!

How to join?
o Go to our forums
o Register
o Search for the post "How to apply" in the join us section
o Copy the list and make a new topic, be truthfull!
o Wait for the clan leader or one of our forum officers to accept you

We will see if you fit in our clan! If yes, you will have all benefits which a full member has!

Still not convinced?
You are looking for a good clan, but you're not sure The Legion is the one for you? What makes this clan one of a kind? The Legion is not only a clan, it's much more! We have the best community around. Our forums are very active and there are at least ten guys on teamspeak anytime you join! We are a combination of casual and skilled players, which makes us one of the most fun groups to hang out with. The best part of our community is the diversity of players, games and events. Instead of reading what I have to say, it is much better way to find out how great this clan is by experiencing it yourself. We are waiting for your application!

Game staff
o Clan Leader: Postman-muecke
o Division Leader: Derpanator (iChaoSx)
o Server Owners: Wibidie and Niels2398
o Server Admins: None at the moment
o Server Moderators: Nibor134, Johnson88 and TheRubik


Currently, we have 64 accepted members.

Thanks for your time!
For more information contact the staff by PM or contact us at

Most sincere,
The Staff
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