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Ultima Kingdoms [1.16] - Custom Biomes, Caves and Missile Wars

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Ultima Kingdoms [1.16] - Custom Biomes, Caves and Missile Wars
Status Online! Pinged: 04/23/21
Game VersionMinecraft Java Paper 1.16.5
           ----[ Ultima Kingdoms ]----
             NEW RACE UPGRADES
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Ultima is a budding Kingdoms server with the aim of creating an economy based, community driven platform, with an experience tailored to each and every player. We hope to create a lore-driven server with fantastic builds and daily activity.

To achieve this, we use the Kingdoms plugin, which combines the best of Towny and Factions. Claim land, use your Kingdom Nexus to upgrade your stats, create custom roles for your members, place turrets to defend your land against mobs and invaders, and interact with other Kingdoms by forming relations and Nations.

We also have a unique system of Races, where each race is able to access different abilities of the server. Here's our 4 main races:
  • Human - Humans, though weaker than most races, are unrivaled in their use of technology. Electricity and advanced materials are all within their realm of control. This race gets access to the features of Slimefun.
  • Dwarf - Despite their unassuming appearances, dwarves are master arcanists, able to manipulate magic far more effectively and finely than any other race. This race is able to use and apply Custom Enchantments to their gear.
  • Bender - Benders possess unmatched control over the elements. Unlike other races that merely use magic, benders are magic. They are able to channel their powers innately and by instinct. This race can bend elements like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the Legend of Korra.
  • Triton - Tritons are born from the seas, able to breathe, see, mine, and move underwater incredibly effectively. They are also master fishers, able to enchant their fishing rods with powerful augments.

Additionally, Ultima does not use a Pay 2 Win system. Extra perks, like more sethomes, /feed, /heal (which have costs and cooldowns), and playervaults can all be unlocked through a levelup system, with experience sources like voting, achievements, and McMMO.

More features to enhance your experience:
  • Supply & Demand based Economy - prices rise and fall accordingly
  • Player Shops
  • Silk Touchable and Craftable spawners
  • Custom Items with custom recipes
  • Custom Biomes and Caves
  • Missile Wars minigame for when you're bored

Since playerbase is quite small at the moment, you are encouraged to make your own Kingdoms. Do so today at play.ultimamc.net

IP: play.ultimamc.net

Website: www.ultimamc.net

Rules: Click

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

12 Update Logs

v2.0-Alpha0.5.1 - Race Upgrades and Changeling : 04/17/2021 12:40:29 pmApr 17th


- Race upgrades are here. Do /races and select a race to find new perks such as Exotic Garden (Human), Dual Element Bending (Bender), and Invisible Armor (Phantom). 10 upgrades per race, each increasing exponentially in Moken cost.

- Revamped race menu. No need to do /changerace anymore, it's all integrated within the race menu. New race descriptions thanks to @WheyIsolate

- Re-added Werewolf (along with race upgrades)

- Added Changeling. Prestige 3 race. Morph into mobs you've killed, nice and fancy. Upgrades are there too. Check it out. I lost my soul making this race. Not worth it.

- Completely revamped main menu, including an item to view statistics, toggleable settings, cosmetics, asthetically pleasing design.

- End and Nether no longer reset. You can now make claims in the nether and end and build cool and good bases there and make nice raids to impress your friends. Worldborder in both worlds at 16k

- Kingdoms with less than 100 might no longer have to pay tax. Visit /faq to see how might is calculated.

- New (or old) tutorial cave, new system and quest for new players to get started on the server.

- Most slimefun items can now be used by all races

- Balanced Bending slightly. You can now bend in the spawn pvp area

- Shop stocks (and therefore prices) now reset once per week on sunday night. Mobs and farming shop reset more frequently. Random stock fluctuations implemented as well.

- Changed base of godly parkour to a very pretty RedLotus

- Other minor changes can be found in #ultima-changelog

- Custom bosses

Have fun! Get your friends on too, thanks

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