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Ultima Missile Wars - The funnest minigame you will ever play

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Leomelonseeds's Avatar Leomelonseeds
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Ultima Missile Wars - The funnest minigame you will ever play
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Game VersionMinecraft Java
           ----[ Ultima Kingdoms ]----
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Welcome to Ultima, a server full of explosive fun, peaceful building, and memes. Construct a beautiful base in Kingdoms and discover the joy of a completely custom survival experience with custom terrain and caves, or blow up your friends in the unique Missile Wars gamemode. Come play with a community of dedicated an active members, and have some fun :)

Missile Wars
This isn’t Cuba. But it’s a missile crisis, and it’s at least twice as fun.

Inspired by Sethbling, Cubehamster, and the blocky ghost of Ted Kazynsci, missile wars is a fast paced and action packed team game that combines the sadistic joy of explosions with the fascinating intricacy of slimeblock locomotion.

Whether you’ve been assigned to team red or blue, your goal is to blast through your enemy’s base with TNT-rigged slimeblock airships, and destroy the nether portals behind. Simple in concept, but with giant walls of stained glass, over five thousand cubic meters of space, and a deadly void beneath the arena, you’ll find the game’s skill ceiling right up there with the Burj Khalifa.

Kingdoms is an economy based, community driven platform, with an experience tailored to each and every player. We hope to create a lore-driven server with fantastic builds and daily activity.

To achieve this, we use the Kingdoms plugin, which combines the best of Towny and Factions. Claim land, use your Kingdom Nexus to upgrade your stats, create custom roles for your members, place turrets to defend your land against mobs and invaders, and interact with other Kingdoms by forming relations and Nations.

We also have a unique system of Races, where each race is able to access different abilities of the server. Here's our 4 main races:
    • Human - Humans, though weaker than most races, are unrivaled in their use of technology. Electricity and advanced materials are all within their realm of control. This race gets access to the features of Slimefun.
    • Dwarf - Despite their unassuming appearances, dwarves are master arcanists, able to manipulate magic far more effectively and finely than any other race. This race is able to use and apply Custom Enchantments to their gear.
    • Bender - Benders possess unmatched control over the elements. Unlike other races that merely use magic, benders are magic. They are able to channel their powers innately and by instinct. This race can bend elements like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, or the Legend of Korra.
    • Triton - Tritons are born from the seas, able to breathe, see, mine, and move underwater incredibly effectively. They are also master fishers, able to enchant their fishing rods with powerful augments.
Additionally, Ultima does not use a Pay 2 Win system. Extra perks, like more sethomes, /feed, /heal (which have costs and cooldowns), and playervaults can all be unlocked through a levelup system, with experience sources like voting, achievements, and McMMO.

More features to enhance your experience:
    • Supply & Demand based Economy - prices rise and fall accordingl
    • Player Shops
    • Silk Touchable and Craftable spawners
    • Custom Items with custom recipes
    • Custom Biomes and Caves
    • Missile Wars minigame for when you're bored

Since playerbase is quite small at the moment, you are encouraged to make your own Kingdoms. Do so today at play.ultimamc.net

IP: play.ultimamc.net

Website: www.ultimamc.net

Rules: Click

17 Update Logs

Per-Item Cooldowns : by Leomelonseeds 05/05/2023 3:23:53 pmMay 5th, 2023

Per item cooldowns have been added, removing almost all RNG aspects from the game.

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03/13/2022 11:03 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Throwing_Away's Avatar
A review of UltimaMC

As there is way to make forum posts on their own website, the only option I have is PlanetMinecraft.

Ultima is a collection of good ideas executed very poorly. While I always appreciate an effort to be "different", this server does not stand out, and it's differences only play against it.

At the surface, it seems like Ultima has everything it'd need to succeed. The Kingdoms plugin, a more exciting version of factions I quite enjoy. Custom races that spice up gameplay. Slimefun, MCMMO, and Custom Enchants. Player and Server shops.

Yet, from what I can gather, it seems they only average 7-10ish players a day.

This is in no small part due to the economy. For some strange reason, the server economy is built off of a stock system which fluctuates the prices of items. Any hard work you make towards farms, especially spawner based farms, are null as simply owning a farm will cause the item you're farming to significantly drop in value. This is such a large issue for a kingdoms based server, as the point isn't a normal self-sufficient SMP style of gameplay.

The most obvious solution is to get rid of the stock system and have a fluctuating price system, one day iron might be worth 10 money, one day it might be worth 7. This can encourage people to have a variety of farms without making the server shop basically useless and progression a massive grind.

With Slimefun, CE, MCMMO, AND Kingdoms, lacking a reliable item shop means the progression through aforementioned plugins is added onto the vanilla survival experience. Meaning, the start of the "game" for UltimaMC is now a large grind that gets nowhere, unless you're established (or from what I can gather someone with a rank/staff in the server) you're fighting just for a chance to make your own Kingdom, the entire point of the server.

The races are one of the worst things about the server. Rather than adding a deviation to gameplay that will benefit a style of play fit to you, Slimefun has been given to the human race, CE to the dwarfs, and interestingly there's a race of benders. It's a strange mix of plugins assigned to a strange mix of races forcing teamplay. While encouraging teamplay on a Kingdoms server makes sense, when your player base is less than 10, half of the fun things the server has to offer is locked away to you.

Slimefun, CE, and even bending should just be a static part of the server, not tied to races. Races should give you different health parameters, and different skills that aid in combat. Maybe even a magic system, in which races get unique magical abilities. As it is now the races are just another thing that ruins this server.

The world is a nice size, 24k block area. I imagine a lot of it goes unused, and unlike other servers the server spawn is planted smack in the middle of the playable world. It leaves a strange amateurish 2014-2016 factions feel to the server. Even worse, the server features a Dynmap meaning anyone at any point can find YOUR Kingdom. No point in hiding anything, it's all public knowledge!

The server also features a second playable experience known as "Sel", I'm not going to talk about it as it seems no one plays it and I'm uninterested in trying it.

I was very disappointed, as I love Kingdoms and was hopeful to find a server I'd actually enjoy.

To reiterate and close, I'll just go over what the server SHOULD look like one more time.

1. Rather than a stock economy that is directly affected by buying and selling of items, get rid of the stock system. Have a fluctuating economy system to encourage diversity in money making methods, meaning there isn't just one end all be all farm to make. (such as iron golems.)

This keeps the game enjoyable, there are goals to reach, and you don't feel like your work is being undone by itself.

2. Remove the plugin based race system. Allowing ANYONE to use CE, Slimefun, and bending (which should honestly be removed in my opinion.) allows solo players to actually have fun. This will, in my opinion, significantly boost the playerbase.

Races should be unique playstyles, not forcing people into one plugin or the other. This can be things such as werewolves, a race that gets a boost during the night. Vampires, a race that has a permanent boost but has to drink blood and burns in the sunlight. They have a mermaid race but it's rather dull, seems like it needs a rework.

These races should basically fill an MMO class system, races should be intended to be used in combat as in Kingdom vs Kingdom.

3. As the player base is so small I'd shorten the map size, maybe 16k area in total, and get rid of Dynmap. People shouldn't be able to find my Kingdom for free with no hassle. Scouting out for kingdoms should be apart of the fun. (make a race that's good at scouting for example.)

4. Create a separate /spawn area that isn't within the playable map. Alongside this, maybe make some lore/a story around the server. Play into the medieval feel. Make people excited about events that are connected with said lore, etc.

I'd rate this server a 1.5/10, but I'd rate it's potential a 8/10. It can be fixed, if the owners even cared I guess.
03/19/2022 7:40 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Engineer
Leomelonseeds's Avatar
I really appreciate you taking the time to write this well thought-out review.

Before the reset, the economy was a static system. A money sink was setup in the form of buying levelups/prestiging. I thought this was a pretty broken system, since the wealth of anyone with an iron golem farm could well surpass the hundreds of millions within a few weeks of AFKing. So I thought a fluctuating system could work - but this was before I knew the concept of scarcity. A good Minecraft economy is extremely difficult to setup.

The point of Races giving access to different plugins was originally intended so that players in Kingdoms would have to collaborate to progress at a good speed. I guess with the current playerbase that isn't really possible. Based on my experience with the server, it would probably be worth a try making races more of a MMO class system instead of locking access to plugins.

The map size is always based on player preference, and during the reset a 24k area won the vote. I'll give some thought into removing the Dynmap.

I'm not really sure what changing the spawn to be in a separate world would do, to be honest. As for lore, I'm not the best with coming up with things like these sadly, I'll need help to be able to write and implement a good story for the server.

Ultima has always really been a collection of ideas - things I've found interesting, or suggestions made by various players who have come throughout the years. Yet, with so many ideas, combining them together into a coherent experience has always been a challenge. In 2020, I realized this issue, and tried to revamp and reset the server. It worked for a few months, but the server always returned to a decrepit state. It's pretty crushing, honestly, and my motivation to work on Kingdoms has always been on a decline. My staff, too, are rarely active.

I started this server back when I was in grade 9. I'm now in college, and 99% of the server was built up solely by me. I have always cared so much about Ultima Kingdoms. But doing these changes would take me more skill, time, and money than I currently have.

I'm currently working on turning this server into a Missile Wars server. It's a fun minigame and most who have played enjoy it a lot. Maybe then, more will be interested in playing Kingdoms and I'll have the resources necessary to do a final revamp.
05/01/2021 7:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
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hello world
05/01/2021 11:30 pm
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Hello sir
04/19/2021 4:58 pm
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04/19/2021 6:40 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Engineer
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Hello! How are you?
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