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1.18 Woolcity survival SMP

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Pangamma avatar Pangamma
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
1.18 Woolcity survival SMP
Status Offline Pinged: 09/10/22
Game VersionMinecraft Java
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Woolcity is a small but growing Minecraft network, offering many features. We offer many features, and are always looking to add more features and game modes to make our community more enjoyable as we grow. We're starting to create the dedicated free build experience, and I would personally LOVE to see more builders take advantage of the unique opportunity. The server itself has many custom plugins. A few are still in development phases. Among them are custom ranking plugins that value different categories of build styles. You can choose your own title to display in chat. I hope that you will join the team. Below are some of the main features we offer.


  • Custom skillsaw rank system
  • built in /lang <en/ko/ja/nl/de/es> translator service
  • Virtual reality headsets are supported! Get vivecraft mod. 


  • Ice race courses /warp icetrack
  • It's like old school minecraft! Everyone builds together in the same world and area.
  • Rollbacks for protection and anti grief
  • Lots of worlds and projects to choose from (Winter, WoolCity, MineCity, Regular, PixelZone)
  • Crackshot guns!
  • Creative mode

Creative Plots

  • Extremely large 500x500 plots which can be merged with your other plots or friends plots to create even larger plots
  • Get 1 plot when you join, ability to unlock more by voting / donating/ or filling your existing plot(s) with good quality builds.
  • Free world edit from the moment you join (including copying, pasting, replacing, set blocks, spheres, cylinders and more - liquids are allowed too!)
  • Free VoxelSniper access (for terraforming)
  • Import & export schematics through our website so that you can import your existing builds (or other peoples) and export your builds on the server to share with others!
  • /headsdb access by voting / donating to access a large range of decorative heads



5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by Pangamma 05/11/2019 3:49:31 pmMay 11th, 2019

Updated the borough plot server to 1.1 3 and the free build server to 1.14

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03/02/2020 4:25 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
nobies avatar
i luv dish sherver
07/03/2019 6:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
anonpmc2759016 avatar
07/10/2019 2:16 amhistory
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Pangamma avatar
Hmmm when they teleported over did they steal anything, or were they just snooping? Sometimes staff members zip around randomly to new server members to see if anyone is trying to stockpile TNT or other griefer items. Standard checks, etc. Other times people are bored/curious. Glad you're liking the server so far!
04/18/2019 4:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
frunen avatar
owner will grief your freebuild then ban you for griefing his.
04/19/2019 7:48 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Pangamma avatar
som111. I gave you three warnings on three separate occasions. I even tried temporarily banning you to try tog get my point across. Each time, you came back to grief. Griefing is not building. Pouring lava over other people's things is NOT a helpful contribution. TBH I am surprised you would leave a bad review like this. I normally temp ban people from free build after the first grief (unless they are around to fix it and they agree to fix it). I gave you more chances than I would normally give other people.

I was hoping you would change your mind about griefing. I was hoping you would join the community. I guess not. It is your loss. Can't say I didn't try.
05/13/2019 5:04 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
frunen avatar
ok i was joking in that comment you have a good server and youre a good owner bye
03/30/2019 3:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Kaizerroooll avatar
Awsome server you should play it!
03/16/2019 2:36 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Nikitathegamer avatar
ok this is epic... I love the free build

looks like classic mc
01/25/2019 8:55 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
RulerofMobs avatar
This is one of the best servers I've seen in a long time, and it's the perfect server for you if you're looking to have fun, build, or design plug ins. The owner, Pangamma, is an awesome developer, and a really nice guy. He actively plays on the server too, which is rather rare. The community here is amazing, and it's really fun to play. Join now!
01/26/2019 8:11 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Pangamma avatar
Thank you! =D
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