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Berserk Zoffy (Ultraman Zoffy) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0]

Berserk Zoffy (Ultraman Zoffy) [Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0] Minecraft Skin
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Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
It's the Fantastic 4 member! Ultraman Torch!

Berserk Zoffy! But some of you guys prefer naming it possessed Zoffy. He only appear in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution 0 when doing the alternate story and is the Final boss. What so good about him....he look kinda cool. The image when he show that he was burning,i was like "Dayuuum!". But the burning part only appear when they were talking/dialogue but when fighting,there's no fire and his timer & eye change colour (like rainbow). I know there is a lots of form like robo,darkkiller or even chaosroid(not really). But this one... seriously appear only like 10 sec (if you continue)

The Skin- if the regular one...only the horn and that marble thing is the prob...but this one.....the fire are also the prob

(while i was working on it,i was thinking...)Fan Fic!

Seven: Bro, it's ok! We'll help you!


Jack: Let's beat em up!

Ace: Why can't we just cut it up

Leo: I prefer fighting fire with fire!

Taro: I'll rip them apart if i have to!

Man: Wait, we have to get near him?

Seven: What do you mean?

Man: I don't know...its just that, WE TOO COULD SET OUR SELF ON FIRE IF WE GET NEAR HIM!!

Seven: What?! That's just fire! We survived Gigantic laser!

Man: That flame is purple. That's an Ultra Killing Flamethrower!

Seven:......yeah, he is to old to be our leader

Taro,Jack,Leo,Ace: And just like that?!
Format1.8+ Only 64x

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Update #1 Shade : 11/06/2016 4:38:38 pmNov 6th, 2016

Change bit of the color
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