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Clancy Jarvis (Resident Evil 7)

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Hello Everybody! this is 2012Commander here, and here's Clancy Jarvis from Resident Evil 7!

Clancy Jarvis is an amateur cameraman who was hired by the crew of the popular paranormal internet series Sewer Gators when their previous cameraman left after their poorly-rated episode in Amarillo, TX. their next episode takes place in Dulvey Haunted House in Dulvey, Dulvey Parish, Louisiana.

they entered the guest house by breaking in, and started investigating the place. the producer, Andre, went missing after venturing into another section of the house. with the show's host and former substitute news anchor Pete Walken, they look around until reaching the living room. when Pete finds a lever beneath the fireplace, a secret door opens into a hidden passage. Clancy climbs down a ladder into the basement first so he can film a "hero shot" of Pete coming down, and stumbles upon Andre, dead. then Andre's dead body falls on top of Clancy and pins him to the ground, and the footage ends.

through more footage, it is revealed that Clancy survived the encounter, and he got tied up in the Kitchen. Pete was free, however, and tried to cut the rope binding Clancy's hands. Pete then gets stabbed in the back by a woman who snuck up on him. she then stabs Clancy in the leg. she was about to stab Clancy with the knife in the head, but Pete came and tackled her. they struggled, and it ended with Pete's death. this tape ends.

the next tape shows that Clancy survived again, and was locked in the basement after trying to escape (no footage). he then fights several monsters and the man himself, now clearly identified as Jack Baker, the former owner of the house. the footage ends.

the next tape, Clancy was captured again and restrained in a bedroom. a woman (identified as Marguerite Baker) gives him some kind of "food" and leaves. Clancy manages to undo his shackle, and looks for a way to escape. he discovers a hatch underneath the bed. when he makes loud sounds while looking around, Marguerite returns. he puts everything back in the exact same way it was before. she gives him more food, and uses the utensils to escape. he finds the key to unlock the hatch, but Marguerite arrives early. Clancy manages to stab her in the throat, and runs away. the tape ends.

in the next tape, it seems that Clancy is captured once again. he is taken into another room with a man with a sack over his head, only identified by his surname, Hoffman. they play a game of Blackjack against their will, and have devices hooked up to them so if they lose, they will eventually pay with their lives. Hoffman loses all of his fingers and gets electrocuted multiple times, until he is knocked unconscious. then they play another game of Blackjack, with the Bakers' son, Lucas, having tied Hoffman's appendages to wires, plays as him. it ends with Hoffman's gruesome death. the tape ends.

in the final tape, Lucas has Clancy in a room, which is designed to be played like a game. there are multiple obstacles he has to solve. one of them, being a clown mannequin that writes something down, has to have a pen. he finds it, and the mannequin writes it (the code to a lock) on his arm. after solving the puzzles, he plants a candle into a birthday cake, not noticing the oil leaking out of a nearby barrel. the birthday cake is actually a bomb, and it's explosion ignites the oil. he burns alive and the tape skips due to damage. the end of the tape shows Lucas walking up to him, picking up the camera. he says "Happy Birthday" to the camera, and then the last tape ends.

Clancy Jarvis (Resident Evil 7) Minecraft Skin


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